Thursday, April 2, 2009

a little embarassed

I can't believe it's been almost a month! Yikes. It's been busy around here. I've knit a pair of socks, finished one of another pair. Knit a square or two, started the quilt class. Dyed my brains out. I'm sure there have been other crafty endeavors. e has started walking, hasn't quite realized it though. He is not sleeping at night, meaning I'm not sleeping at night. He also now has a crib that lives in the room with my computer. Meaning blogging is a little harder to do. But we did get E's computer working again and it's in the living room which means I can compute while e sleeps. So there is a quick up date. I have a great view at this computer though. Our plum tree is just outside the window with beautiful white lacy flowers.

Oh yeah, I went a blazer game! SO MUCH FUN!! We are huge blazer fans, got cable just to watch the games. We went to the hoop n loop game. We (E and I) got some fun bags with treats. I contributed a little something to promote me. I attached my business card to soak samples. Big fan of soak. We also got Channing Frye bobble dolls. I heart Channing Frye. He's my blazer boyfriend. Silly, I know. My friend baby sat e so I had a fun date with big E, just our second since little e came along.

on the Knitted Wit front, I'm number 8 on the wait list for Black Sheep Gathering. I'm waiting to hear back from SOAR and I was accepted into Sock Summit. I'm debating on whether or not to do Montavilla Farmer's Market. Hmmm...Oh yeah. The dyeing. I finished dyeing for the sock club. Sweet relief. I still have to re skein everything and package it up. BUT the big labor part is over. Thank heavens I have an electric skein winder.

gotta clean the house while I can!