Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spring Mix Give Away!

Just a few weekends ago I was in sunny, w-a-r-m San Diego. The warmth was so good! While I was there Debbi Stone debuted a new pattern, Spring Mix, using my Single Fingering. It's a gorgeous pattern, a delicate lace that's easy to memorize.
thank you for the beautiful photo Debbi!
I have a skein to give and Debbi has generously offered to provide the pattern via Ravelry download. Hop over to her designer page and tell me which pattern you'd love to make. I'll draw two winners: one will get a kit to make Spring Mix, the second winner will get their favorite pattern from Debbi! Sounds like a win win win. I'll pick a winner Friday morning and ship out the yarn as soon as I have your address! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit Along

Or as it will now be called: the RCYC MKAL! Much quicker!
Since this picture was taken I've done the first lace section. The first row took three tries, but gosh darn it I can count! 

I'm using Single Fingering in Toffee Crunch and Black Forest. There are so many tempting color combinations, it was super tough deciding I
on these two!! What colors and yarns are you using? Join us here in the rav group to post progress pictures and chat! 

Did you hear about the Yarn Ball? Tickets are almost sold out!! I have mine and I can't wait to see all the shawls knit up! Now to plan what Frances will wear ;)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On The Importance of Showering

Talking about showering may seem silly, but if you've ever been a new mom I think you know what I'm talking about. I don't care how the baby came to be with you, showering is important. We all feel better after one.

When we found out we were having our third baby I had some goals for postpartum to make it as easy for everybody as possible. One of my goals was showering everyday. Mainly for two reasons. The first one was I nurse. Milk is messy and everywhere in the first…while. And Frances is a spitter. And really, life is messy.

The other reason is more important I think. With the boys I felt like I couldn't take a break, the baby would need me, or Eric wouldn't be able to manage with out me. People! The world will not fall apart in the 20 minutes I'm in the shower. And yes, I take a 20 minute shower. I make sure that Frances is fed and then I don't feel like I'm mandatory while I shower. Eric can sooth, change a diaper, clothes or fix whatever ails her.

There are some days when I have to talk myself through this, that Eric is capable, I need the alone time, and Frances will live. I also think about what I am modeling to my family. That it's important to take care of myself, and they are a necessary part of the family. They have a role to play. When babies are so little, papas don't always play a large role. This is a way to force some bonding time.

So new papas, new mamas: shower! Help each other get that break! We call them showercations.

What are things you do for self care? Some stay at home parents I know have a standard of getting dressed to their socks so they're ready to go out the door. It is very easy to wear pajamas all the time! I'd love to hear how you care for yourself.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

New year, fresh start! 2013 proved to be busier and different than I ever could have dreamed. Frances Jean has been with us for 6 weeks now, but I don't quite remember a time with out her. Her brothers are keeping a close eye on her, and are always happy to jump in and help.
I am a big fan of the new year. I love setting goals, having a focus, and setting out on a task. In no particular order here are some goals for the next year:

1. Blog once a week. It might not always be about Knitted Wit and that's okay. Ive been inspired by Fringe Association and January One's blog. Who inspires you? I don't have a blog feed anymore so I tend to just read the ones I come across on twitter or facebook. 

2. Craft in some way everyday. I've been following people on social media that are doing a make something everyday, so it's not just knitting or sewing, but also cooking. I'm going to focus on knitting, spinning, and sewing. It can be just 5 stitches knit, that is crafting. I want to take the time to do something with my hands every day. 

3. Self-Care is my theme for 2014. Number 2 falls under this self care. I get so wrapped up in Knitted Wit work that I don't often take time for myself or really stop working. Having children, especially a new born, are helping me with this but I can do better. I plan on making an appointment tomorrow to see the chiropractor. I have no idea why it's so hard to make time in my day to take care of myself, but I always find time to watch my story! With parents aging and having kids I want to be healthy for the long haul. I also want to be an example that I am worth the time to take care of. I think that of other people, so I must believe it for myself. 

So here's some proof. I wound up a ball and cast on. I've since done three rows, I'm up to 4 stitches. Watch out! 

What goals are you setting for the new year? What is your tactic for following through?