Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Catch Up!

Happy weekend! Boy am I excited for the break. Getting e out the door for school five days a week is work and a half! So lets catch up real fast and get back to crafting and relaxing ; )

*The sale ends tomorrow, save 15% on the shop with SUNDAY, the code at check out. Sale prices don't apply to CSY/F
*CSY/F closes tomorrow. Yarn is ordered for the first shipment, so excited!! I've started knitting with it and I love the fabric it creates. I realized I haven't spent much time talking about the CSF. Here's the low down. Luxury. 100 grams of Luxury every month. Merino/Silk, BFL/Silk, Silk Hankies, Merino/Bamboo/Silk, Merino/Silk/Angora. Did I mention silk?! WOW!!! Both CSY/F would make a great Mother's Day gift too!!
*The Sakura Knit A Long (KAL) start May 1st. To help celebrate Debbi is having a sale on Octavia! Pop over and get the pattern if you don't have it yet. Warm up those needles, we'll chat more on May 1st about all of it!
*I'm looking for some sample knitters. Comment if you are interested. I've tagged a bunch on Ravelry in my favorites with a tag sample. If any of those strike your fancy let me know. We can talk trade for yarn/fiber when you get in touch!
*I feel like there's something I'm missing...but I've been sitting here for 5 minutes and nothing's coming up. So, enjoy your crafting!

I'll see you here on Sunday for our cast on! I'm pretty sure there are going to be prizes involved some how in this KAL. Details on Sunday!!

Just remembered!! Do you make 3 plies when you're spinning? I've only done 2 ply. I'm wondering what a 3 ply will look like with all the different colored roving I have. Is it going to be too jumbled? I'd love your thoughts! Okay, have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cypress Hollow Yarn

I'm so excited to share this project with you!! Cypress Hollow Yarn is a line of yarn I dyed to go with characters in Rachael Herron's book series. Two books are out now, How to Knit a Love Song and How to Knit A Heart Back Home. The third, in a series of three, will be out in October. I'm a major fan of her writing and her stories. When ever I'm done reading a book (yes, I've read each a few times) I feel like I'm still in Cypress Hollow for a few days.
There are 13 characters, or colors available currently with more on the way with each book. I'm using a sport weight 2 ply yarn, 100% Rambouillet. Each skein is 100 grams, 350 yards. The yarn is delightful! I've trolled Ravelry for patterns, I can't wait to cast on a sweater or two. You can see other ones I picked by going to my favorites and looking for the tag CHY.
The shop is loaded up and taking pre-orders. The yarn will ship in two to three weeks and your reward for waiting is free shipping! I can't tell you what an honor it is to do this project with Rachael. I'm so grateful she wrote these books and provided the inspiration!
From left to right: Cade, Abigail, Eliza, Lucy, Owen
Have you read her books? I would love your feedback on the characters and colors. If you haven't picked up one of her books, I highly recommend you do. I'm feeling a knit a long, read a long coming on!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Mother's Day is just around the corner so I thought there should be a sale in the shop! Save 15% now through April 30th with code word SUNDAY at check out. Sale not valid on CSY/F. Buy now and it'll get there in time for Mom or you! Being a Mom is not required for the sale ; )

There are lots of new beauties in the shop. Let's take a tour shall we?

We have some Shimmer, 80% Merino 20% Tussah. 50 grams, $12. Make sure to click on it and see all the options. Some of these I listed individually, others I listed under one name. Tricky, I know!
Beautiful singles, fingering weight. 100% Rambouillet 75ish grams, $18, 350 yards. This is one of the yarns featured in the CSY. I have a shawl ready to go in the denim blue. Can't wait to get crackin!
Ohhhh, so shiny! 50% Silk 50% Merino, 50 grams $18. There are 7 colors listed I think, something for everybody. This is one of my favorite fibers to dye and spin. Silk takes the color in such a rich way. The silk also translates well in to the yarn.
Mmmmmmerino, yum! So soft and fluffy. 100% Merino, 100 grams, $16 Lots of luscious colors to choose from.
Grab a skein of Fingering for the Knit A Long! 100% Super Wash Merino, 100 grams, 400 yards $24. I'll be adding more choices in the next few days and there are variegated options too!
Bling! What knitting project couldn't improve with a little sparkle? Merino/Silk/Nylon/Silver. A winning combination! 100 grams, 420 yards, $26

All prices listed were before taking 15% off, code word SUNDAY. Happy shopping!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Shopping

Last weekend was the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival (have you put it on your calendar for next year?!) and I did a little shopping. I got a bag from Alpha B, I can't remember who she gets it from, but they'll both be at Sock Summit. And I just realized I don't have a picture, darn! But it's getting lots of use.

Next I got some fiber from Woolgatherings. I'm a huge fan and could have bought about 4 times as much! Feeling pretty good about only getting two braids.
I'm a major fan of her and the colors she uses. I could gush all day if you let me! And she is at Sock Summit. Watch out people! Next I stopped in at Brooke's booth, Sincere Sheep. Brooke does natural dyeing and has beautiful soft colors.
I went with a natural cormo silk blend. So beautiful and soft! It's like a cloud, which I think the picture captured. Brooke suggested I do a three ply, which I've never done. So I have three little 2 oz bundles and I can't wait to get started. If you get some we do a spin a long! I think I want to do a-long for everything!!
I'm trying to be responsible and clear off the bobbins. So far I've plied up one project and have another one that is in a cake and ready to go. THEN I'll get crackin on the cormo silk. Yum!
I might have done a little shopping on line before the show too. Black Trillium is beautiful! She'll be at Sock Summit in Twisted's booth. I'm hoping we'll have a meet up in May, our two little one's are about a week or so a part and both tanks! I see a photo op in o's future! Melanie, the genius behind Black Trillium is doing a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis. She has some great prizes, including Ladies That Lunch from moi! Every $5 gets you a ticket to win a prize. One prize is 5 skeins of Malabrigo! I'm in!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool & Summer Camp & a Winner

I'm happy to announce that Knitted Wit will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool!! Well, my yarn and fiber will be. I super wish I was going with it! Cloverhill Yarn is hosting me and other indie dyers. Check out their blog to see who else they're hosting, I'm in some pretty good company! Booth #27 for those that are planning their shopping weekend.

Speaking of shows, did you see Sock Summit went live?! 60 teachers!! I'm still going through the vendor list and finding new people to get excited about! Sock Summit seems like the icing on the cake people, epic. I'll have to dream up something to debut at the show. I'm excited to see a map of the market place too. I'm secretly hoping to be by all my buddies!

Back to where Knitted Wit is popping up. The Handwork Studio is a genius idea of summer camps all over the US hosted at schools. There are so many different hand crafts that are covered, including sewing, needle felting, knitting and many more. I love the way the programs work. Who knows how The Knots will be used, but they'll have lots of colors to choose from! Sadly I don't have any currently in the shop, but I'll get on that ASAP!
On to the Winner! From the comments left on the Facebook page...Sandy, you are a winner!!!! I'll be popping the yarn and pattern in the mail to you tomorrow! Sakura fingering is officially sold out in the shop, but if there's an interest I'll dye some more up. Otherwise I'm listing more semi solids to choose from along with variegated. I'm super close to finishing my first Octavia, gotta get ready for the Knit A Long starting May 1!!

Small side note about Sakura, $185 has been donated to Mercy Corp so far! Thank you so much for getting money to Japan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Community Supported Yarn/Fiber

A little reminder, Community Supported Yarn/Fiber is about to start. Enrollment ends April 30th and I would love you to be apart of it! One of the yarns is available in the shop right now. The skeins are a little short on weight so they're on sale. I've worked out the yardage/weight issue for the CSY(details here about the CSY), don't you worry. I haven't decided on what color's going out, but I'm super happy with how the yarn takes color.
Have I told you about the other yarns? Let's review shall we? There's the singles, fingering from Wyoming. There's a fingering that's fair trade from Peru. Wool and bamboo and so soft! Bling, who doesn't need a little sparkle?! Then Silky N Single, so luscious and soft! Also a part of the CSY.
That only leaves one yarn left. And I need your help. I'm not sure what I should add. Any suggestions? Any yarn you are dying for me to carry? One option is a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon. I had a chance to see it all dyed up--yum! Beautiful and soft. What do you think?

Feel free to take a spin around the shop, there's lots of new things in there and more being added (no lies!!) And since I feel like the kids haven't been around here for a bit, here's e modeling some wool

Monday, April 18, 2011

The List

There are so many things to cover that I'm just going to do a list! Ready, set, go!

* CGFF was fantastic! I can't wait for next year, I want the whole family to go! Hood River is beautiful and the hotel fantastic. I could go on forever. (I might have done a little shopping, I'll
post next time)
*I roomed with Brooke and we shared child care. Such a blast! I can't tell you how incredible it
is to talk shop with another mama. And because we were hanging out all weekend we eventually finished conversations! I can't wait for our next meet up!
*We have a little challenge going between us, listing product in the shop. As a WAHM (work at home mom), stocking the shop seems to fall to the bottom of the list. Funny, because I do want
to sell the yarn!
*And on that note: Lots of new treasures in the shop!
Get your sparkle on! Bling
Singles, fingering. Perfect little shawly.
Yum! And only $5, includes the pattern!!
*The knit a long is nearing. Check here (at the bottom of the post) to learn how to win Octavia and Sakura and join the knit a long. Tomorrow I'll be posting more semi solids to choose from if Sakura doesn't float your boat.
*Major details coming tomorrow about the CSY/CSF. Pretty excited about some new developments!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knit A Long

So a few posts ago I raved about Debbi's new pattern. And yep, I still love it! I thought a knit a long would be super fun but I've never been great on waiting. I cast on my first on in Baby Love.
Such a great knit. I am planning on making another one in Sakura. But I didn't have any dyed up at the time I h-a-d to cast on. So. I just loaded up some more Sakura fingering in the shop. This batch is a little darker than the first, but so beautiful. I haven't updated the pictures in the listings. Let me know if you need a more detailed picture.
I think the pattern and the soft color are going to go great together. Plus $10 from every skein is going to Mercy Corp to help with their efforts in Japan.
I've never done a knit a long before, we'll just make the guidelines up as we need them how about. Let's plan to cast on May 1st, May Day. That seems fitting. Maybe the weather will be lovely too. I'll keep Sakura stocked up. You can purchase the pattern here or at my booth at Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. Pretty excited about that!! I want to be done with mine by May 31st if not sooner, what about you?

It seems like there should be a contest in here some where. How about a I'll give away a skein of Sakura and a copy of the pattern. On April 20th I'll pick a winner, that way there's enough time to get it and join the knit a long. To enter become a fan on facebook and leave a comment if you will use variegated or semi solid on this project. If there needs to be any more guidelines for the knit a long let me know, we can add as we go!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crafty Time

When and where does the crafting happen? Well, being a mother of two busy boys it happens any minute I can grab and anywhere! I was knitting while waiting for dinner tonight, but that only lasted as long as o was happy in the high chair. Then when o was really done being in the restaurant we went and played in the car and I knit another row.
That lasted another row or two. I have to say I've gotten a lot of knitting done in the car. Both the boys love playing in there. e used to want to drive and turn everything. Now he'll do that for a bit but usually ends up reading or playing with toys in the back.

I like to think I knit at night after the boys go to sleep but that doesn't always get to happen. Usually too much to do on the internets! I'm also pretty worn out from the day so I don't want to do anything challenging. I don't want to have to rip it out the next day!

Another great place for me to knit is in the boys room while they're playing. I'm starting to sound like a half engaged parent! It's so convenient when the boys are entertaining them selves and I get to hang out and knit!

So this concludes the week of knit blogging. I loved taking a look at my knit life, but it kind of cut into my knit life! I'm off to work on my toe up sock I ripped. I think I'm up to 48 stitches! Getting closer to 60, then I start the pattern!

Speaking of patterns. Marcy used some fingering yarn from Knitted Wit to make her sock. Check out the KAL, it's a mystery sock!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something To Aspire To

Wow, this has been a tough blogging challenge! I feel like all the questions go so far beyond what they're asking. I think in the last year I've been able to get over my fear of knitting or thinking I couldn't knit xyz. I think this attitude will help when I do come up against a challenge.

As far as learning new things I would like to do color work. I've done a little before but got mixed up on the pattern. That's probably my biggest down fall when it comes to knitting. Distractions. They get me mixed up and off track from a pattern. Then I don't want to rip back and make corrections so a project just sits around doing nothing. When ever I have a major clean up I go through and start ripping. I've improved a little, ripping and then restarting the project. Knitting maturity. I'm getting some!

So this blogging for a week is fun and insightful, but a little time consuming. I'm cutting it short tonight and doing some knitting!

What do you want to learn? What's your favorite thing to teach other people?


Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today's post was supposed to be a trying out a different way of blogging. Well I didn't have time to make a video or anything else really so we'll just move on to some big news!

Knitted Wit is moving home! I'm so excited to move the
dye operations back here and have everything in one place. I'll also be home with the boys! I'm a little nervous, but I'm very hopeful with the summer coming up that we'll get into a rhythm with the whole production. There's also a neighbor girl that wants to babysit, how perfect! I have really great neighbors too. Two families, both have kids that get along great with my boys. So, yeah, hopeful this is all coming together.

This change is also giving E a chance to find a job not in a kitchen. He's been cooking for 25 years, I think he deserves a break! I'm just going to gush, I'm really exc
ited to be home with all the boys making yarn. I can't wait to have my hands in all the colors at the same time.
you'll be seeing more of these pictures!
For the month of April I'm going to move in and get organized. I'm hoping to find a better way of listing products in the store. I have loads of yarn and fiber that need to get to you! Speaking of getting yarn and fiber to you, the Community Supported Yarn and Fiber is still open. You have until April 30th to purchase as many shares as your little heart desires!

I welcome all advise from any other parent that works from home with little ones under foot. Any system work for you? Do you prioritize in any specific ways? Any tasks that you assign your spouse? I'm a little nervous about having access to my business 24/7 and feeling pressure to work all the time. Speaking of, it's time for some knitting! Thanks for reading and sticking around!