Friday, January 15, 2016

Fan Girl!

Are you a fan of Knitted Wit? Me, too! Here are some easy ways you can support Knitted Wit!
1. Buy Yarn. Duh, right? That's the quickest way to keep us growing!
2. Create with the yarn you purchased! That's simple, too! Who doesn't want to cast on and get going with the new shiny project!
3. Get that yarn on your ravelry project page! When you add it to your stash it will pop up as an option for your next project. When you've started the latest greatest pattern Knitted Wit will pop up as an awesome yarn to use for other people searching through projects.
4. Be a show off! Tell the world all about it on social media! Tag pictures with #knittedwit. People will click on the hashtag and go down the rainbow of a rabbit hole and see all the amazing things Knitted Wit creates!
Thank you for being the super star you are and supporting this woman owned business!