Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Contest

I know I don't have a ton of readers so I will most likely hand deliver the prize to a friend, but I want to encourage people to vote.  I don't care who you vote for, (really I do) I just want you to vote.  So leave me a comment between now and November 5th telling me voted and I'll enter you into the drawing.  The prize will be winner's choice.  What floats your boat?  Handspun?  Fiber to spin or felt?  Some fingering yarn for socks, mittens or lace?  Let me know.  Here in Oregon we have a mail in vote.  When I was in college I voted absentee so I could vote for my god dad to win city council, which he did.  I've never had the chance to wait in line and go into the little booth.  In a lot of ways I feel lucky to not have to wait or be told I have limited time/chance to cast my vote. But I feel like I'm missing out on a step.  Anyways, we'll be voting soon and dropping the ballots of at the library.  I want to make it a family event and have a picture with e and E.  E isn't super cooperative about photo ops so I'll have to due some convincing.  

On to other news.  I'm working on carrying a new line of fiber.  I'm excited to try out some new things.  I'm also searching for some yarn stores to carry both my yarn and fiber.  I have an idea of what I want to send out to the shops as a preview but I've been having a hard time finding time.  e is so active and is awake for longer periods of time while sleeping less.  This makes me a little crazy and slightly unproductive.  But I have a sitter lined up next week for an afternoon and that is something to look forward to.  I was able to get some spinning in the other day.  It felt incredible to finish all four ounces.  I really like the singles, kind of a sport weight, maybe worsted after it's washed.  I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the leg warmers (secretly wrist warmers for me!) I knit for e out of some handspun.  I love the way they feel.  I'm craving more knits out of my yarn!  The leg warmers distracted me slightly from the cable sweater but I'm probably half way up the back.  I'm slightly regretting not doing the sweater in the round, but that would have required more fore thought (is that a term?) and I just wanted to knit. 

While I don't have pictures of any current projects I do have one of e, of course.


Don't forget the contest, vote early and tell me about your experience! 


  1. I'm dropping off the ballots at the elections office on the way to R's guitar lesson today (Tuesday). We *always* vote. I kind of miss the little booth, though; I used to take the kids with me. Sometimes they'd flip the lever!

  2. We dropped off our ballots at the election office yesterday! yee-haw! Although I lamented to my mister that it's not as fun to vote by mail, because you don't get to meet all of the cool old people who volunteer at your local election office, and you don't get that "I voted" sticker either. My birthday is Nov, 2nd and just a couple days after I turned 18 I was able to vote in a presidential election! I was SO excited. I'll never forget that.

  3. I voted way back on the 20th! so exciting. I am ready for this election to be over, however.

  4. We voted tonight (Thursday) as a family! This was my son's first election to get to vote. Very cool! We'll drop off the ballots at the library tomorrow.