Monday, May 10, 2010

and the winner is...

Dillpickle! All the way in Australia! I'll email you for your address and get the yarn in the mail. Thank you for all the ideas readers. One of my favorite new discoveries was Spilly Jane Knits. Have you seen her patterns? Go to Ravelry and check them out. Very entertaining!

I hope all you moms had a great mothers day. e celebrated his 2nd! birthday yesterday. A very fun filled day! I'm glad I have today in the studio to recover, the weekend wiped me out! I hope to be back shortly with some new yarns and colors to show you. Thank you again to everybody that left a comment.


  1. Carissa beat you to the delivery line. Her son was born on Mother's Day. He's a big one too! 10 lbs 5 ozs. Yowzah! Best wishes for your upcoming delivery!

  2. I'm very lucky to have won. Thanks so much for such a generous giveaway!