Thursday, July 1, 2010


So I've been teasing for a while about Tour de Fleece. Here's the skinny. While the Tour de France is riding, we spin. When they take rest days we can too. When they have climbing days we can choose challenge ourselves. The ride is July 3-24, get ready to saddle up!

I've been going through my stash almost every day trying to decide what to spin and I came up with a stash bucket. All of these inspire me and that's what I need to make it through this challenge. I tend to not like projects like these, there's this rebellious streak in me that says I don't have to spin, even though that's the point. But for my sanity I really want to spin the next three weeks. There is something very therapeutic about spinning for me. I calm down, I tend to problem solve things that stressing me out, and it's a break from the kiddos. So I guess my goal is to participate the whole time. I know I won't be spinning up this whole bucket, but I'll get to what I can. I've been emptying the bobbins and plying so it's all fresh projects to work on! Are you participating? What's your challenge/goal?
While I was pouring over the stash I found a few things that I'd like to sell for cheap. I'm allergic to all wooly things, but tolerate some better than others. Sheep I can do, anything else (angora, cashmere, camel, alpaca, pygora) I don't do well with. Which keeps things under control a little better with the budget.

These are 2 oz each of 80% merino 20% cashmere. I paid $20 for each of them, but I'd like to sell them for $12 each. Let me know if you're interested and I'll pop them in the mail. They are dyed by the amazing Sandy Sitzman, who I stock on a regular basis at shows! You could get these in time to spin up during Tour de Fleece!

The other topic I've meaning to get to around here is Chrissy Gardiner's new project. Chrissy has a book coming out next summer that features a bunch of independent dyers with stories about them and patterns she's created for the yarn they've submitted. Guess what?! I'm one of them!!! When she told me about this project I almost wet my pants I was so excited! If you have loads of sock yarn and need a pattern monthly to make it through all the skeins, I'd join. In fact, I did join! I can't wait to see what's in store.

Next time: an update on Mother Bear Project, growing Knitted Wit

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  1. Hey! If you still have the fiber and still want to sell it I am interested! Anything dyed by Sandy is good to me!

    I hope you guys are doing alright!