Sunday, August 22, 2010

Want to be in my club?

Remember being in the second grade and having clubs with your best friends? One of them I was in had little notes books and pencils. Pretty fancy! Well if you want to be in a club you can join mine! I'm not sure if we'll have note books and pencils, but we will have yarn! The club is going to be called 50 G's. As in 50 grams of fingering weight yarn. There will be either variegated or semi solid yarn each month with little treats too. I won't be including a pattern but every month there will be a list of project ideas. I hope you are a member on Ravelry because that will be the place for pattern inspiration! You are welcome to be a double member and get 100 G's if you do want to make a pair of socks.

Memberships last for 3 months and will be shipped around the middle of the month. The first one goes out in September, and I will have them available at OFFF if you want to join there. Membership is $56.85 for three months (includes domestic shipping, international, we'll have to talk). I will be shipping priority in the cute little VHS boxes, pretty excited about that! If you live local and want to arrange a pick up let me know, I'm pretty flexible. So what do you think? Let me know if I've missed a key detail, this is a first for me so there might be a speed bump or two! It was pointed out to me that my etsy shop looks a little sad, so hopefully this will cheer it up!

I already have September's dyed up. I'm going to start knitting tonight! I'm going to try and have a few things knit up for ideas, wish me luck. I'm also working on Cedar Leaf Shawlette in Silky and Single. It's one of my new yarns that will be photographed and available soon. (Having a two year old sure slows down the tasks around here.)

Speaking of family: a quick little update. E is doing great, gaining weight and eating. Perhaps eating too many things that aren't healthy. But after not eating anything unhealthy for years it's understandable that he went a little crazy. He's coming around to a healthy diet and treats in moderation. e is doing well at being a 2 year old. Translation? He's driving me crazy about 10 times a day! I'm hoping once E and I are back at work life will settle into a routine and it will get easier. Having two parents at home all the time isn't always easier. o is fabulous. Nothing like a 2 1/2 month old to make parenting easy. He goes to bed on his own, only wakes up about twice a night and takes at least one long nap during the day with a few shorter ones. I'm savoring this because I know it might change the minute I go back to work.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from the last week!

o, talking and giggling! He loves talking to people, he is so happy. And b-i-g. At his 2 month check up he was 15 pounds, my guess is he's close to 17 now. I'm growing a giant!

e wanted to eat his dinner down in the little ditch the other night, so I joined him. The seat is prime for watching the neighbors.


  1. MS LORA JEAN KELLEY! I love you and miss you!

  2. Yay for the club! So looking forward to seeing you at OFFF, and before then, too.

    The boys look so sweet.

  3. Ooooh, that's tempting, but I think I'm going to have enough trouble working through some of my already existing projects and stash over the next few months without adding any more exciting things to the mix! If last time's anything to go by, I'll spend the first 3 months of new parenthood as a flaky zombie!

    I'm very busily knitting your giveaway prize into baby shoes at the moment. It was perfect once I remembered it was in my stash! Thank you!!

  4. I would TOTALLY join your club if I thought I could actually knit a sock! It's probably the coolest club I've ever seen! Rock on LJ!