Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

Time keeps running away from me.  I thought I would list a few updates for now and come back when I have *more time* (what a joke) to show pictures and make a better presentation.  
1.  I cut out four pairs of pants the other day, yet only managed to sew one up.  Pretty cute though.
2.  I cast on for a bag designed by Leigh Radford, published by Lanternmoon.  I'm a little nervous that I won't have enough yarn, but nothing like living life on the edge.
3.  I joined a ravelry group for finishing up knits in Feb.  I think that inspired m
e to cast on a few more projects before the month starts.
4. Feb is also quilt month with sew mamma sew.  (Sorry, no links either, I stink.)  Between
 finishing knits and making little quilts I'll have plenty to do.
5.  Here is Jake, my very cute dog.  Camping this last summer he had to hang out with me while dad went on a bike ride with out him.  Rough life.
More pics, links and participation next time

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