Friday, February 1, 2008

Almonds and Pregnancy

They don't mix.  At least not for me.  I'm glad to have them gone and won't be visiting them again.
I'm now ready to blog nicely and share some links.  First my breakfast.  Every day.  I'm ready for round two in fact.
On the english muffin is the best jam ever!  Sweet Creek Strawberry is so good.  Like as good as my mom's from our huge bed of strawberries.  Yum.  
On to other crafts.  Today is the first day of quilt month with Sew Mamma Sew.  Last night I had Eric help me pick out which project to start with.  There were four or five to choose from and I'm planning on starting with the easiest building to harder.   I like building some confidence up.  Building on skills if you will.  So the first two patterns I'm going to use are from Bits n Pieces.  I think I purchased both patterns from Fabric Cheapo.  The first one I'm making is called Square Dance.  Here are the fabrics I'm using, all purchased at Boersma's.  I'm a sucker for fat quarters.
Later this morning I'm headed to Cool Cottons for a backing piece.  The quilt should turn into a large enough piece for the baby.  Or at least for his dollies, but most likely him for a while.

Next time we'll cover all the things I want to finish up for Ravelry's  February is for Finishing group.  I'll have to round up all the projects!

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