Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello World!

Life is not back to normal, but E is eating and up and walking. Although at this moment he's bent over in some pain. One step forward, two steps back it seems. e is doing well with all this, even deciding to try out potty training. Because life isn't busy enough! o is growing leaps and bounds and did great while we were at the hospital for a week with papa. This limbo period is not fun. I can see how much better life is going to be, but there is still healing to be done. I've started thinking about future projects for Knitted Wit but I can't quite get there yet. Only a few more weeks hopefully!

I do have one event coming up, August 8th at the Montavilla Farmer's Market! I'm planning on bringing a lot of sale items. If you want a deal and the best selection get there! What doesn't sell will be at the Open Studio on August 14th. There will be some classes I think and lots of wooly goodies for sale. Then what ever is left over will be at OFFF. I'm hoping to have all the new colors and new yarns at OFFF. I feel like that's a reasonable goal. I'll at least have samples of everything and you can place orders. I'm also hoping to photograph everything for you to peruse and order online!

It's happened again, I'll be away from the blog and think of all the things I want to tell you. Now that I'm here I can't think of a thing! I hope to get here soon again.

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  1. Glad you're plotting and planning...that means life will be getting back to normal for your family. Yay!

    I have some jam for you...