Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crafty Time

When and where does the crafting happen? Well, being a mother of two busy boys it happens any minute I can grab and anywhere! I was knitting while waiting for dinner tonight, but that only lasted as long as o was happy in the high chair. Then when o was really done being in the restaurant we went and played in the car and I knit another row.
That lasted another row or two. I have to say I've gotten a lot of knitting done in the car. Both the boys love playing in there. e used to want to drive and turn everything. Now he'll do that for a bit but usually ends up reading or playing with toys in the back.

I like to think I knit at night after the boys go to sleep but that doesn't always get to happen. Usually too much to do on the internets! I'm also pretty worn out from the day so I don't want to do anything challenging. I don't want to have to rip it out the next day!

Another great place for me to knit is in the boys room while they're playing. I'm starting to sound like a half engaged parent! It's so convenient when the boys are entertaining them selves and I get to hang out and knit!

So this concludes the week of knit blogging. I loved taking a look at my knit life, but it kind of cut into my knit life! I'm off to work on my toe up sock I ripped. I think I'm up to 48 stitches! Getting closer to 60, then I start the pattern!

Speaking of patterns. Marcy used some fingering yarn from Knitted Wit to make her sock. Check out the KAL, it's a mystery sock!


  1. I love that picture of O!

    My first knit group here in PDX was a group of moms; we knit while our toddlers played. I met the first of the moms at the pool; we were both knitting while our older kids were in lessons. Everybody wins!

  2. I don't think you're half engaged! You're there with them, if something happens you'll take care of it. Plus knitting and half an eye on small fries means that you're not going insane!