Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something To Aspire To

Wow, this has been a tough blogging challenge! I feel like all the questions go so far beyond what they're asking. I think in the last year I've been able to get over my fear of knitting or thinking I couldn't knit xyz. I think this attitude will help when I do come up against a challenge.

As far as learning new things I would like to do color work. I've done a little before but got mixed up on the pattern. That's probably my biggest down fall when it comes to knitting. Distractions. They get me mixed up and off track from a pattern. Then I don't want to rip back and make corrections so a project just sits around doing nothing. When ever I have a major clean up I go through and start ripping. I've improved a little, ripping and then restarting the project. Knitting maturity. I'm getting some!

So this blogging for a week is fun and insightful, but a little time consuming. I'm cutting it short tonight and doing some knitting!

What do you want to learn? What's your favorite thing to teach other people?


1 comment:

  1. I want to learn steeks. We should do it as a knit nite project! It would require lots of wine after cutting...

    I put away all my leftover yarn and needles from past projects today. Emptied the baskets and feel like I can think about design stuff again! I hate having clutter take over my knitting stuff. That whole "tidy stitches" post made me want to put my toys away!