Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The knitting is a little slow going with the heat these last few days. I'm still on clue two for the West Knits mystery KAL. I love knitting it every time I pick it up, I just haven't picked up often enough.
I have picked up some socks I've had in a bag for a while. I'm working on the heal and it's going pretty fast with a row here and a row there. These socks are for Eric, he's been riding his bike to work everyday since January and asked for some knit socks. How can I say no? In the middle of knitting these socks I've changed how I hold my yarn when I knit.

The tension totally changed, shocking, I know! With my tension/holding yarn differently, I'm having a hard time with wooden needles. I switched to metal and went up a size and now I think I'm back to a reasonable gauge. But they'll be a wee snug around his ankle. Also, I'm not the best at purling with how I'm holding the yarn now, so there's a little rowing out. But we'll all survive, right?
Those are the two project's floating around in my knitting bag right now. As soon as the weather cools a bit I know I'll want to get out my cardigans in progress and finish those off.

A quick call out for custom dye orders. On Sunday I'll be doing a bunch of custom dye orders. Is there a variegated color you're looking for? Let me know and I'll dye it up! See something in the shop but you want a garment quantity or it's not on the right weight yarn? Happy to dye it up! Just let me know! Also, Oregon and Washington are winning for the most members in the CSY!
The August newsletter is about to go out, sorry about the lateness! If you aren't signed up, join in the little box up on the right!

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  1. I should have taken a closer look at your sock this evening!

    I went to metal needles for the current shawl, and they're a bit too slippery for me. I'm afraid to change to wood in the middle of this project for fear of a gauge change. Guess I'll be finishing with metal!