Monday, September 3, 2012

Tell Me Something Good Monday: Days For Girls

Days For Girls (DfG) was one of my inspirations for doing this type of blog post. They are an inspiring non profit making a difference in girl's daily lives. The idea is giving girls and women the independence to live their daily life with out it being interrupted by a menstrual cycle. I'll just say it, I never considered this. Girls and women living with out access to pads and tampons are stuck at home for a week. That means 12 weeks a year girls aren't in school. 12 weeks a year women aren't going to work and earning money. This is crazy!

Days For Girls steps in with sewn pads, bags and ziplock bags to change this. Such a simple idea, but it is making a big difference. Along with providing materials, DfG does training with men and women about how the body works, sexually transmitted disease prevention, and general community building. These freshly trained people then go back to their community and pass on the knowledge. Does it get any better?! Yes! With you!! Please visit their website and see where you fit in. Like to find bargains? Stock up on ziplock bags when they go on sale. They're the perfect mini washing machine. Have left over fabric? Get to sewing pads and other goodies to help.

Quick updates:

  • The winner of Lee Meredith's new hat patter, Wobble Bass, is...Eileen Brokaw! She likes the Carbon and French Kiss together, totally agree! Eileen, tell me your Rav name and I'll send it over!
  • Today is the l.a.s.t. day to join Community Supported Yarn. The first yarn is all ready to go in the dye pots on Tuesday! 500 glorious yards of merino/cashmere/nylon to start the party! 
  • Thursday is the last day to get your order in for yarn for the Hiro sweater for the fall KAL. You can order after Thursday of course, but it might not be ready for cast on. 
  • Have you seen the shop?! A few new pretties were added!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Days for Girls. Before finding out about Days for Girls, I too had never thought of what girls were facing without access to feminine hygiene. It really is amazing to see how simple solutions can have such great impacts.