Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knit A Long

So a few posts ago I raved about Debbi's new pattern. And yep, I still love it! I thought a knit a long would be super fun but I've never been great on waiting. I cast on my first on in Baby Love.
Such a great knit. I am planning on making another one in Sakura. But I didn't have any dyed up at the time I h-a-d to cast on. So. I just loaded up some more Sakura fingering in the shop. This batch is a little darker than the first, but so beautiful. I haven't updated the pictures in the listings. Let me know if you need a more detailed picture.
I think the pattern and the soft color are going to go great together. Plus $10 from every skein is going to Mercy Corp to help with their efforts in Japan.
I've never done a knit a long before, we'll just make the guidelines up as we need them how about. Let's plan to cast on May 1st, May Day. That seems fitting. Maybe the weather will be lovely too. I'll keep Sakura stocked up. You can purchase the pattern here or at my booth at Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. Pretty excited about that!! I want to be done with mine by May 31st if not sooner, what about you?

It seems like there should be a contest in here some where. How about a I'll give away a skein of Sakura and a copy of the pattern. On April 20th I'll pick a winner, that way there's enough time to get it and join the knit a long. To enter become a fan on facebook and leave a comment if you will use variegated or semi solid on this project. If there needs to be any more guidelines for the knit a long let me know, we can add as we go!


  1. Pretty pattern *and* pretty yarn! I love the yarn hanging on the tree; it's as pretty as real cherry blossoms.

  2. Yay! I love a KAL!
    I'm in!

  3. yeah! Wow! What a nice giveaway, thanks!

  4. Awesome! I love this new pattern and I bet I would love Sakura! Can't decide between solid or variegated, tho I have lots of variegateds!

  5. I think I can clear off some needles for this by May! I love it. I will probably use a semi-solid from my stash...

  6. Okay. This is my first knit along. So we will see how it goes. I have the pattern and plenty of sock yarn, so here I go. Its May 1st, so I will cast on some time today.