Monday, May 23, 2011

And the Winner is...

JoJo!! She won a skein of Bling and a copy of Knit Night. Here's what she had to say about her Knit Night: "I love my Knit Night! The White Marsh Knitting Gals meets at the Panera Bread on Tuesday nights in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. We started out small…just three of us and now, having celebrated our 1st anniversary in November 2010, we are up to 12 ladies who meet with some regularity (28 members on our Ravelry group!)…
My favorite Knit Night memories usually have to do with our extra-curricular activities such as potlucks or a Knitting Noel (Christmas Party at my place where we did a Secret Santa). I love how we learn and grow together and share our passions. One member started spinning…brought her wheel into Panera and everything! The next thing you know, two more members get their own wheels….then two more…we have now have about 6 of our members who have spinning wheels now…and we are not ashamed to spin in Panera!
Topics of conversation may span across movies, books, tv shows to jobs, family, weightloss, sex… basically ANYTHING.
I love the women of my Knit Night group. If I happen to not make it one Tuesday…the rest of my week is usually off. They are special to me."
Cathy W is the winner of a copy of Knit Night with her comment: "Friends, food, wine & yarn - what more could I ask for? I love knit night!" I think that sums it up perfectly!

I dyed up some great Bling last week and I hope to get it in the shop tomorrow. I really hope you all buy it because I'm SO tempted to keep it all for myself. This batch of colors are beautiful, I hope I can capture it with a camera!

Octavia update: I have 13 rows left in the last lace section! my hands are a little beat up lately so it's getting a little painful to do more than a few rows now that they're so long. But I only have a few days left so I'm budgeting a couple of rows every day! Where are you at on your Octavia? Do you have any big plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?
Obligatory cute kid picture since I don't have any knitting ones!


  1. Congrats to JoJo, nicely written. Her knit nights sound as great as ours

  2. Congrats to JoJo and Cathy, too!

    This weekend? Time to get the house in order because graduation is next week and the in-laws are coming! Yikes. But there may also be knitting and tidying up the garden.