Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Musings

Here's some pictures from winding the other day. I forgot I had these!

How are you doing on your Octavia? What? You haven't got the pattern yet?! Tomorrow is the last day to get it on sale here!! I'm sure most of you have already cast on...right? Well, I've cast on and I'm at the start of the lace. I'm really liking the bigger needles size.
With the help of Michele, we blocked the first Octavia. What a beauty!

I'm enjoying using a semi solid this time, the gentle color shift is gorgeous.

I can't stick around, I gotta get back to knitting, and maybe a little spinning. I've been doing a lot of spinning lately. Every night after the kids go to bed I try to spin 30-40 grams. Every 4-5 days I have a skein of yarn! I'll share some pictures soon. Enjoy the weekend and happy Mother's Day!


  1. The boys are so much fun! Octavia looks great. Enjoy the rocket party!

  2. What good helpers you have! :) Guess I better hurry up and cast on for that shawl.