Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mega List

I don't know where to start I have so much fun to share! So we're making a list and checking it twice

1. I finished Octavia!!!! I botched the bind off on 10 stitches but I don't think anybody will notice even once it's blocked. I'm so proud of how the shawl turned out. I had to undo knitting a few times, but I finally got the lace section right. All user error, not designer error. Where are you on your shawl?

2. I'm super happy to have this project wrapped up. I'm headed south to the beach and I'm going solo with two little boys. Lace knitting is not great with beach and boys!

3. Now I get to find something to bring for knitting! Not that I don't have 3 projects living in my car and one living in my bag. Here's a secret: I've never knit anything with Bling. Shocking, I know! So I'm thinking of trolling ravelry for a bit and seeing what strikes my fancy.

4. Michele just released this pattern that uses Bling. Beautiful! There's a few skeins in the shop that would be great for this shawl. Michele is also doing a knit a long, she has a coupon code for the pattern if you want to join!

5. I dropped off Cypress Hollow Yarn at Wool N Wares yesterday! The tags are one of my favorite parts, so sweet! On the back side of the heart is a quote from the character that goes with the color. When Rachael sent me a list of the quotes I was ready to start reading the books again! I won't even tell you how many times I've read them. I'm getting close to having the yarn ready to ship from the shop, warm those needles up!

6. I also dropped of some super wash worsted. I had to snap a few pictures, the yarn was so beautiful! I'm glad I can make more, I wanted to cast on some sweet little sweaters!
desert spirit

7. My neighbor is a great little sewer and made this little gem the other day! The bag is lined and will have a draw string top. She would love any feed back you have or wishes/wants/desires for a knitting bag. I can't wait to put an order in for mine!

8. I've had a few inquiries into the Community Supported Yarn/Fiber and joining a little late. I'm going to open it back up in the shop and just prorate it. So the next shipment is June 15th, $80 (plus shipping) gets you yarn/fiber for the next 4 months.

9. New addition on the Facebook page, you can shop!! Look on the left hand side and in little words you'll see shop. Click there and you'll see all the beauties.

10. Are you still here? Wow, what a post! What are you doing for the holiday weekend? What are you knitting on? I'll see you next week!


  1. Octavia looks lovely! Can't wait to see her blocked! The Cypress Hollow and the SW Worsted are gorgeous!!

  2. You need to knit with Bling! It's so pretty, and so nice to work with. Come knit Zen Rain. The lace is simple and easy to memorize; it's easy to pick up wherever you left off. Not that you have any distractions in your life!

    I love that Owen colorway.

  3. Absolutely lovely Octavia. I also love the bag and the new colors! You are one busy woman!!!!