Monday, June 30, 2008

Projects a Plenty

I clicked a few pictures this morning to show the goings on here.  The first little thing is a skein of yarn being sent to Jane, a little prize!  The sun washed out most of the color, but it's nice and mellow. She donated to Crohn's Colitis Foundation of America via Deb's blog.  Deb did the walk this last Saturday in 100 degree heat!  I really hope to do this walk next year.  The cause is near and dear to my heart, big E has Crohn's and this affects our life daily. I would love this disease to be funded to find answers, and hopefully little e won't have to deal with it.

On to other projects.
I was able to finish spinning this yesterday during e's three! hour nap.  I'm still amazed.  Then I started plying it last night and finished up today.  Because I'm too excited about spinning I started the next project already!  While I was waiting for the singles of the above yarn to calm down I started spinning some fiber I got at OFFF last year.  Pics later, it's a little complicated on the planning side, more later.

Next are the knitting projects.  First up is the hat for little e.  
I felt so bad he didn't have a knitted hat to wear the first few weeks I started one, of course the weather finally heated up, but I think the hat will fit later.  I'm using Koigu KPPPM.  I really like how many colors are in the skein.  It's not gender bent too much.  The yarn is also doing a nice striping thing.  I'll take another picture with e modeling it soon.  Well, when
 it's finished, which might not be soon!

Next are the mitered squares.  
I started this project when I was waiting to go into labor.  e was 17 days late so I was a little on pins and needles!  I'm using Dale of Norway Baby Ull.  I'm using Michelle's guidelines for the squares.  I have a TON of this yarn, it's one that I would buy while visiting shops.  Only $6 a skein it was easy to pick up one in a color I liked or hadn't seen before.  Now I have enough to make plenty of squares!

And last is the log cabin-ish blanket.  I'm using yarn that I plant dyed many years ago with a friend.  The project was supposed to use up all the odds and ends but I'm running out of odds and ends!  The blanket needs to measure 40x40 when I'm done for Afghans for Afghans to accept it.  If anybody has Texas Bighorn yarn that is plant dyed I would love your bits.  If the bits are at least one ounce that is helpful.  It looks like the picture of the blanket will have to wait for the next post.  The picture doesn't want to play right now!

I'm anxiously awaiting the dyes in the mail!  I'm also trying to figure out when I can schedule in some dyeing since little e can help with that.  I wear a mask while I work and I don't think they make one for babes!  I'm off to get Jane's prize in the mail, spin, and possibly sew!  

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A is for Absent

I wasn't planning to be away for so long, but I've been a little busy!  The end of the pregnancy really zapped me.  Now seven weeks after little e was born I'm feeling back to me.  Well, I won't ever be the old me again, but I'm feeling centered I guess.  

I've been busy besides the new babe too!  I've been spinning as much as I can, I'm about finished with my third project.  As soon as I am I'll be 
washing and photographing for the shop.  I've put a few other things in the shop, some other handspun and sock yarn too.  I've just placed a major order for dye and will hopefully be doing that by the end of the week!  I'm so excited to play with color again.  

Believe it or not, I've also been able to knit a little.  When I go to knit night I can usually pass of e pretty fast to all the other ladies.  Nobody can resist
 holding a cute little baby!  There are three projects I have going.  One is  the endless mitered squares.  Two is a cute little baby hat.  And three is a log cabin-ish blanket.  I will have pictures and details next time.  I would like to say that I don't spin/knit/dye all in the same day.  It's usually only one crafty focus for the day!  
That's what he's doing right now!  Going on an hour and half!!  I might be able to finish my spinning project.  I will hopefully see you here tomorrow.