Friday, October 29, 2010

another reminder

There's a sale tomorrow. I'm pretty excited I get to be there the whole day. I get to spin. I think the last time I did any spinning was at the farmer's market in August! I just figured out what I'm going to bring! I bought four bats last year right before we found out I was pregnant. I don't even think they made it on the blog. I am going to corner Debby and have a little tutorial on how to spin from a bat! I'm going to remember the camera tomorrow too. I'll bring pictures back and share.

I think I mentioned last night that I last all my pictures, well an internet search and $29 later, I have them all back! I'm hoping to spend the next few naps organizing the desktop computer/external hard drive/laptop. I'm moving files and tiding up Knitted Wit. Nothing like trying to be the most efficient me I can be! In honor of putting all the pictures on the laptop, here is an oldie but goodie. e last year at halloween.

I can't believe how much he's changed. He's been up at Oma's for the last few nights and when we talked tonight he asked if I was coming up. I think he's ready to come home! Of course as soon as he was off the phone he was on to the next fun thing--a bath!

I'm off to start another holiday present. I have two on the needles, but what's another one right?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The List

1. Sale this saturday! At the Lantern Moon Warehouse/Dyeworks. Show up in a costume and get a special treat. This was originally just a fun sale but now that we're's a moving sale too! If you have some time to stick around bring your spinning wheel and stay awhile. I'm so excited to get some spinning done! With o not mobile I think he'll be pretty happy to sit and watch the wheel go around. Here's what Debby has to say about it from Ravelry "Saturday come join us for a Halloween party/sale at the warehouse! 10-3p “Trick or Treat” at 7911 NE 33rd Dr, 150 for all kinds of goodies! First 5 peeps get a goody bag! Wearing a costume gets you big girl candy:) This will be the last event at our Lantern Moon space. We are moving to the east side of town. We pick up keys to our new studio in Oak Grove on Monday! Excited to be near our knitting/spinning friends, but sad to be leaving our Lantern Moonies:(Come join the fun! There will be a small Lantern Moon sale too if you missed the first one this Fall."

2. I just took a class at Twisted from Lee and learned all about publishing patterns and writing them. I'm pretty excited! I learned how to use pages on my computer and I think I want to make family newsletters! It is so much fun! Now I just need to find a few extra hours in the day to do computer work. Which I'm hoping to do tomorrow morning before going to work.

3. I started a ravelry group but I want to get the art work up first. Then I'll post a little link and we can have a party there!

4. Did I tell you the laptop crashed? That's why it got quiet around here fast. I have a desktop but it's so much easier to sit on the couch and write a blog post. But we lost the last two months of photos, including all of my knitted wit pictures and and my friend's wedding. Devastating, but I'm going to try and find them on the camera.

5. Watching The Office and I could pee my pants. So funny!

6. I've started my holiday knitting. And I need to go knit.

7. If you have any questions about the sale let me know, I'd love for you stop by!

8. How cute is he?! I have no pictures on this computer so this is what you get!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

another quick pass!

Thanks to the Ladies at Twisted for the love on the blog. Some of my favorite people!

So a little poll which you will all be rewarded for. I want to start a group on Ravelry for updates, contests (your reward!) and seeing all my yarn out in the world as FO. I'm thinking about calling it The Sass Class. Knitted Wit's tag line is Fine Treasures from a Sassy Girl. And if you know me, I'm a little sassy! I try to tone it down so not to offend but it doesn't always work. So what do you think of the name? And do any of you fabulous people know how to make the header for the group so it's not all stretched out funny? Thanks people for being a resource!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a quickie!

It's late but I wanted to share a few things, we'll go with bullets

*the dyeworks is moving! more info later about this but what you need to know is we're (Pico Accaurdi Dyeworks and Me!) having a halloween sale that has morphed into a moving sale! Info here

*since we're moving to Oak Grove (milwaukie area, just south of portland) I needed to find child care for e. I'm going to visit tomorrow morning, pretty excited. It's a one acre farm with critters, and older kids that are home schooled. e will be worn out and have so much fun! Pics after the visit!!

*there are now 20 items in the shop, pretty happy about that! trying to add more every night. See anything you like?

*have you heard about this? I'm so excited to be a dyer with the other fabulous ladies! Wow. I'm pretty sure I'll be joining. I can't miss out on these yarns and patterns!

*I think that's it. o is teething and not sleeping. I really need to go to bed while he's out. good night!

Monday, October 18, 2010

And the winner is...

Two people! Sarah's idea: You could easily lay that prefelted roving out in thick layers to make cushions for the aristocrat - the colors would work with the interior. 10 lbs worth!! Jeez, you could make a wool coverlet and sleep in heaven on your camp outs!!! I would gladly help you felt it all. And Peaceful Knitter: I remember seeing a cute wreath last winter that was made out of felted balls of wool attached to a wreath form. I love these ideas and I'm excited to see how they work out. I'd love to send each of you a treat of yarn, 50g of superwash merino fingering yarn! Thank you to everybody that left comments with your ideas.

I also want to direct your attention to the shop. There are five new things to choose from! And I'm bringing home more to photograph tomorrow, watch out. The silly down side is I'm not knitting. But there's other minutes to find in the day. I've also updated my flickr page. I will be adding all my color ways as well. I have about 20 to add tonight. I'm hoping yarn shops (and you!) can look through all the pictures and place orders. Let me know if I'm missing anything.

Here's a picture of e while I was doing a little yarn photo shoot. He found a stash of velcro dots and put them all over. Silly boy!

Friday, October 15, 2010


How did 2 weeks go by?! I tell you what. Every week I learn a new lesson about budgeting time. The first week of October was miserable. Second week has gone a lot smoother. What I've learned: lower my expectations, set limits on what I attempt to get done at the studio, follow my time line as much as possible not others. I won't elaborate but we're all learning here. Let's do a little family update. o is 4 1/2 months old. Two weeks ago he weighed 19 pounds at his check up. He could very well weigh 20 now. There is nothing small about that baby! He wants to play all the time and isn't too keen on being put down so I can get work done. He could also be teething, because two teeth isn't enough! e just got a hair cut tonight and is looking sharp. He continues to try my patience every day, which is his job. He loves to read and reads to his brother. He's also busy teaching o how to play with toys. o already likes to drive cars just like e. Pretty cute! E is still doing well. He is coming off the prednisone so we're all learning the boundaries of his healthy tummy. While the diseased part was taken out he still has Crohn's disease. It's hard to remember that after the last 6 weeks of him feeling so good and eating everything. In some ways a tummy ache feels devastating. I can't imagine the family going back to having a sick papa. But here is to continued healing and health!

Here's a little Knitted Wit update! I finished up a bunch of orders, look for new pretties at Twisted, Urban Fiber Arts, Wool N Wares, and Make 1 Yarns. They all have different and beautiful yarns (if I do say so myself!) On Thursday I had a free day to play in dye and I made up all oranges and a yellow or two with a green. I made a bunch of pretty yarns and a few fibers. They'll be hanging up tomorrow and hopefully photographed on Monday. Speaking of Monday...I'm hoping to photograph a bunch of yarn on Monday and then do a shop update. Now I know I've said this before, but I'm going to follow through. We have medical bills, enough said!

As a reward for reading this far how about a contest? A few weeks ago I managed to felt almost 10 pounds of fiber, including some silk/merino. I can't tell you how bummed I am, for more than one reason! So, if you can think of something for me to do with this roving, and I use your idea you win....some felted wool! Just kidding, how about some yarn! I have a few skeins from my 50G club that need homes. All you lurkers out there, give me an idea for the felted wool. Even if it's crazy! I'll be back Monday night with a winner and a shop update!

We went and visited Debby at her farm and e had a great time herding the goats!

Some where on this rack is October's yarn for the 50G club. If you haven't joined, there is still time! You'll get September's too!