Tuesday, May 31, 2011

KAL Wrap Up

So did you make it? Do you have anything left on the shawl to knit? I would love to see pictures! Leave a comment on where you're at, you don't have to be finished and you'll be entered to win a skein+pattern for the next KAL, Marrowstone! Winner will be picked June 5th, so comment now!

The next KAL is starting on the first day of summer. Hopefully the weather will realize it's summer too! Yarn for this KAL can be found here. What are you working on between the fun? I have a bunch of WIP that could use attention, but don't you know it I want to cast on something new! We'll see what comes of that!

I've started posting a few things in the Etsy shop. The listing process has greatly improved, and I want to compare it to the shop. Stop by and see if there's something you like! Planning to do a lot more tomorrow, fingers crossed.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? We had a great time at a bluegrass gathering a friend of mine hosts. Here's a few shots!

And tomorrow is this little guys birthday! This time a year ago my water broke!! I can't believe this little guy is one already. His latest trick is to stand on chairs and get into mischief. A trouble maker I tell you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mega List

I don't know where to start I have so much fun to share! So we're making a list and checking it twice

1. I finished Octavia!!!! I botched the bind off on 10 stitches but I don't think anybody will notice even once it's blocked. I'm so proud of how the shawl turned out. I had to undo knitting a few times, but I finally got the lace section right. All user error, not designer error. Where are you on your shawl?

2. I'm super happy to have this project wrapped up. I'm headed south to the beach and I'm going solo with two little boys. Lace knitting is not great with beach and boys!

3. Now I get to find something to bring for knitting! Not that I don't have 3 projects living in my car and one living in my bag. Here's a secret: I've never knit anything with Bling. Shocking, I know! So I'm thinking of trolling ravelry for a bit and seeing what strikes my fancy.

4. Michele just released this pattern that uses Bling. Beautiful! There's a few skeins in the shop that would be great for this shawl. Michele is also doing a knit a long, she has a coupon code for the pattern if you want to join!

5. I dropped off Cypress Hollow Yarn at Wool N Wares yesterday! The tags are one of my favorite parts, so sweet! On the back side of the heart is a quote from the character that goes with the color. When Rachael sent me a list of the quotes I was ready to start reading the books again! I won't even tell you how many times I've read them. I'm getting close to having the yarn ready to ship from the shop, warm those needles up!

6. I also dropped of some super wash worsted. I had to snap a few pictures, the yarn was so beautiful! I'm glad I can make more, I wanted to cast on some sweet little sweaters!
desert spirit

7. My neighbor is a great little sewer and made this little gem the other day! The bag is lined and will have a draw string top. She would love any feed back you have or wishes/wants/desires for a knitting bag. I can't wait to put an order in for mine!

8. I've had a few inquiries into the Community Supported Yarn/Fiber and joining a little late. I'm going to open it back up in the shop and just prorate it. So the next shipment is June 15th, $80 (plus shipping) gets you yarn/fiber for the next 4 months.

9. New addition on the Facebook page, you can shop!! Look on the left hand side and in little words you'll see shop. Click there and you'll see all the beauties.

10. Are you still here? Wow, what a post! What are you doing for the holiday weekend? What are you knitting on? I'll see you next week!

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the Winner is...

JoJo!! She won a skein of Bling and a copy of Knit Night. Here's what she had to say about her Knit Night: "I love my Knit Night! The White Marsh Knitting Gals meets at the Panera Bread on Tuesday nights in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD. We started out small…just three of us and now, having celebrated our 1st anniversary in November 2010, we are up to 12 ladies who meet with some regularity (28 members on our Ravelry group!)…
My favorite Knit Night memories usually have to do with our extra-curricular activities such as potlucks or a Knitting Noel (Christmas Party at my place where we did a Secret Santa). I love how we learn and grow together and share our passions. One member started spinning…brought her wheel into Panera and everything! The next thing you know, two more members get their own wheels….then two more…we have now have about 6 of our members who have spinning wheels now…and we are not ashamed to spin in Panera!
Topics of conversation may span across movies, books, tv shows to jobs, family, weightloss, sex… basically ANYTHING.
I love the women of my Knit Night group. If I happen to not make it one Tuesday…the rest of my week is usually off. They are special to me."
Cathy W is the winner of a copy of Knit Night with her comment: "Friends, food, wine & yarn - what more could I ask for? I love knit night!" I think that sums it up perfectly!

I dyed up some great Bling last week and I hope to get it in the shop tomorrow. I really hope you all buy it because I'm SO tempted to keep it all for myself. This batch of colors are beautiful, I hope I can capture it with a camera!

Octavia update: I have 13 rows left in the last lace section! my hands are a little beat up lately so it's getting a little painful to do more than a few rows now that they're so long. But I only have a few days left so I'm budgeting a couple of rows every day! Where are you at on your Octavia? Do you have any big plans for the upcoming holiday weekend?
Obligatory cute kid picture since I don't have any knitting ones!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Knit A Long

I've had such a great time doing the Octavia KAL that I've picked a pattern and yarn for the next! Marcy has designed a beautiful shawl, Marrowstone, that will be perfect for summer knitting and wearing. Check out her blog post for the inspiration of the shawl too.
I've listed Shine in the shop and will be doing more in the next week. Shine is 50% Merino 50% Tencel. The tencel adds a beautiful drape and shine to the yarn. The color is so beautiful and rich on the yarn too. If there is a certain color you are interested in and don't see let me know, I'll dye it up.
Cast on is June 21st and the deadline is pretty loose. I don't think it'll take you a whole season to knit it! Maybe by the time we get to casting on we'll have a goal of when to be done. I'm thinking I want to have mine ready for Sock Summit. That's just over a month from cast on and should be easy to do.
I'll be giving away a skein and Marcy is donating a copy of the pattern to a lucky winner for the next KAL. Details for that will happen soon. We have about 2 weeks left to finish up Octavia. I'm hoping to break into the fifth lace repeat tonight! Happy Knitting!!

PS a contest is happening Wednesday for a different pattern and skein of yarn!
PPS CSY/F shipped today!!!

Knit Night

Do you go to knit night? I go to one of the most amazing knit night groups. I love all the women that go. I feel like one of the luckiest knitters. When I bring the boys (happens more than I like) every one is very patient of the tiny fingers and busy bodies. The group is adventurous and willing to take on projects, they've knit three baby blankets for babies in our group!
I've learned so much from all the women. Parenting, being a good spouse, a friend, how to be generous, kind, so many things. All the women are very creative as well. I can't count the ideas and inspiration that have come from a night together.
Debbi has designed a new shawl dedicated to her knit night people. Knit Night is a beautiful shawl with lots of texture. She used Bling and it's a great combination if I do say so myself! We're having a little contest between us. Leave a comment on my blog or hers about your knit night. Share your favorite memories, stories, projects and we'll choose our favorite. First prize is a skein of Bling and a copy of Knit Night. Runner up receives a copy of Knit Night. Comments close Sunday at midnight pacific time, winners announce on Monday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a Week!

But we've all survived...so far! e and o had a nasty little virus with an unpleasant name, and o is teething. I think 3-4 teeth, so there's been lots of snuggles. And not a lot of anything else it feels like. I did get some spinning done the other day. I'm working on a three ply, a very skinny three ply.
the color in this picture is pretty accurate

I've put it aside for a few days so I could catch up on my Octavia shawl. Brooke was teasing me that she was finished with the third repeat so I go cracking. Sadly I only caught up to the end of the third repeat! Where are you at on your shawl? I've decided that I need to be done with the next two repeats by May 20th. That gives me plenty of time I think to get the feather and fan border done before the 31st.
I've figured out what the next knit a long's going to be but I need to email the designer real fast. I'll post details next time. I hope your weekend is restful and relaxing!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mini Update

How was your weekend? We squeezed two birthday parties in one day and that felt like five weekends in one day. Then for Mother's Day we went to The Land where the Oma's live. A nice restful day. Monday was e's 3rd birthday and a great day. We did lots of fun things, maybe too many fun things. I got a call from e's school today that he was gray and had a fever. He came home and had a nice long nap then was sick all over me and o. Poor guy. Both boys aren't feeling great. Hopefully it won't last too long. Both neighbor families have had the pukes and it lasted a week in each house. Crossing our fingers it was just too much birthday partying. Enough sick talk!

So where are you in your shawl? I've finished one flower repeat. I need to get cracking, it's the 10th already! I'm being distracted by a spinning project and it's slowing the knitting down. I usually do a two ply that comes out around a worsted. This wool wanted to be a very skinny possible three ply. Yep, obsessed. I'm outta here and going to knit. Sorry for the fly by with no pictures! I'll be back soon with those.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Musings

Here's some pictures from winding the other day. I forgot I had these!

How are you doing on your Octavia? What? You haven't got the pattern yet?! Tomorrow is the last day to get it on sale here!! I'm sure most of you have already cast on...right? Well, I've cast on and I'm at the start of the lace. I'm really liking the bigger needles size.
With the help of Michele, we blocked the first Octavia. What a beauty!

I'm enjoying using a semi solid this time, the gentle color shift is gorgeous.

I can't stick around, I gotta get back to knitting, and maybe a little spinning. I've been doing a lot of spinning lately. Every night after the kids go to bed I try to spin 30-40 grams. Every 4-5 days I have a skein of yarn! I'll share some pictures soon. Enjoy the weekend and happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day or Cast On Day!

Hello May! What a beautiful start to the month here in Portland! I slowly wound my yarn into a ball in the back yard.
Then put it into a cake in the front yard with the help of a dump truck and the boys. Now I've got my needles and pattern, ready to cast on! Are you knitting a long with me? What yarn are you using? I'm going with a light Sakura. Since I've done the pattern once I thought I'd share a few things I've learned. I'm going with a size larger needle this time. Although, I haven't started so I might change my mind once I get going. I used size 5 the first time and it was fine. But because of the color of Sakura and probably what I have in my head I want a looser fabric. I had a really hard time at the end with the feather and fan lace. I think it's because I wasn't taking the time to read the pattern. This time I'm going to put in some extra stitch markers to remind me when the repeats start. If you come across any questions let me know, Debbi is pretty great and I'm sure she'll have the answers!

So how about a game with the KAL? Let me know in the comments if you're knitting a long and if you finish by May 31st you'll qualify. For what you ask? I don't know! How about a skein of yarn and another fabulous pattern, get you started for the next project! Winner will be picked by June 5th. Warm up those needles and get to knitting!