Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

Time keeps running away from me.  I thought I would list a few updates for now and come back when I have *more time* (what a joke) to show pictures and make a better presentation.  
1.  I cut out four pairs of pants the other day, yet only managed to sew one up.  Pretty cute though.
2.  I cast on for a bag designed by Leigh Radford, published by Lanternmoon.  I'm a little nervous that I won't have enough yarn, but nothing like living life on the edge.
3.  I joined a ravelry group for finishing up knits in Feb.  I think that inspired m
e to cast on a few more projects before the month starts.
4. Feb is also quilt month with sew mamma sew.  (Sorry, no links either, I stink.)  Between
 finishing knits and making little quilts I'll have plenty to do.
5.  Here is Jake, my very cute dog.  Camping this last summer he had to hang out with me while dad went on a bike ride with out him.  Rough life.
More pics, links and participation next time

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sneezes and Pants

All my well laid out plans failed this weekend.  I woke up Sunday morning with a grody cold.  I was decommissioned for a few days.  The weather hasn't helped.  The sky is blue, the sun is bright, the air is FREEZING!  So no dyeing, again.  I have managed to get a little spinning done.  I even washed a few skeins.  
Today I feel like I accomplished a major task.  I made pants.  For the baby.  I bought the pattern and a lot of fabric.  I wasn't too nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it, but I probably shouldn't have bought so much fabric with out trying out the pattern first.  Success.  If the pants don't give you a tummy ache from how sweet they are, I don't know what will.
It's also pretty amazing I can get anything done on that desk.  Avert your eyes from the clutter and appreciate the pants.  This was the newborn size.  The patter is Britches and Bloomers.  I connected to a review about the pattern.  Very thorough.  

I've also been plugging away at knitting bibs.  Such a mindless knit.  I'm also working on a dale sweater that I mentioned before.  I'm a little concerned that the neck isn't going to be big enough.  I would hate to make the sweater and not be able to get it over his head.  So the project is stalled until I make it to my lys for a second opinion.  I also just bought a pattern for tiny baby socks.  I made a few of these in the past but I can't find the pattern or the socks I knit.  A little trouble some.  But looking at my desk it's probably not surprising that I can't find something!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ta Da!

Well, I think I figured out the picture thing.  We'll find out won't we!  This is yarn that I spun up a while ago and just got it together to ply it.  I think I'm back in the spinning game baby!  I'm currently working on some Crown Mountain Farm Corriedale Pencil Roving.  I don't see the color any more.  I bought this at Blacksheep Gathering in June of '07.  I bought two 80z bundles when I was there and went through the first one super fast.  I'm ready to ply a chunk of it, I don't want to make too big of a hank.

I'm plugging away on the dale sweater.  I should find a photo of the sweater.  So far I'm just making the collar, so not too exciting.  I'm also going crazy with some bibs from Mason Dixon.  I also started one of the burp rags to coordinate with the bib.  So freakin' cute!  I also found a pattern for a tiny little sweater this morning on Ravelry.  It's in the que.  A little Presto Chango magic.  (Can you tell I just figured out how to link?  This is also magic!)  

Next on the agenda is some dyeing this weekend.  I have Sunday off and only have a few things on the plan.  Napping, selling a scooter, dying some yarn, and making some pants.  I'm a little sad to see the scooter go, but I feel like it's going to a good home.  I couldn't find a picture of it, they must all be on my husband's computer.  Dang it.  I'll leave with a picture of some yarn I just dropped off at Twisted.  I'll report back with Sunday's activities, hopefully success, and pictures! 

Where's the peanut butter for my grape-grape jelly?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Things First

I've been meaning to type something here for almost a year.  I compose a lot of blogs in my head but never seem to type them out.  Well, that's a changing now!  I'm starting this blog because my knitting mojo has found me again.  I'd like to have a place to document, journal if you will, progress on different projects.  I would also like to use this space for journaling my dyeing adventures.  Well, there is also the impending journey into parenthood too.  

The baby is coming towards the end of April, and yes a lot of the knitted items are for him.  But a lot of the knitting is stuff I've never tried before.  I'm branching out.  I cast of for a Dale project that has stranded color work.  I've never done this before and I'm a little nervous.  For some reason I don't feel intimidated enough to not do the project.  I did just finish a hat, minus the seaming, from a pattern in a  Sublime book.  I'll figure out how to put pics on here soon.  Anyways, making the hat, following the pattern, having the hat match photos, all confidence building.  

Well, a phone call just interrupted my blogging mojo.  I'm off to finish plying some yarn and think of a few new color ways.