Thursday, September 30, 2010

Realistic Expectations

Well people, I have two kids. This reality hits me in new ways everyday. Today e was watched by the amazing Sally, then papa took over. o stayed with me while I dyed yarn. What a trying day! But E saved the day by bringing the pack down. I won't forget that again! o took very long naps on my back (ouch!) and I dyed yarn. In between naps the lovely ladies of Pico Accuardi kept him company while they wrapped up a major project. Wowsers. So expectations. I went in thinking I could get a ton done today, which I did, but I think I planned a little too much. I think o will be staying home soon, especially if I can expand how many shops I'm selling at. Such a struggle to balance the family/business/j-o-b.

Now on to the big positives of the day! I just about finished up all the yarn that needs to go out. Just a few lace skeins for one store. I dyed up club yarn for this month and possibly next month (you can still join!). I started dyeing samples out of the new base yarn I'm going to use. Ummm oh and some yarn to post in the shop! So crazy! I'm pretty excited about some new pretties to put in the shop. Thanks for letting me reflect about the day. It was a pretty rough start so it's nice to look back and see the good stuff.

Here's a shot of dyeing/parenting

Here's a shot of the conference room

Here's e sleeping last night. He loves to snuggle (nuggle as he says) his baby. I love how the arm is all tucked in under his. You can see o's blanket from knit night and e's blanket from Oma. The quilt is from Helen's mom for the boys' babies. These boys are lucky!

Monday, September 27, 2010

OFFF, the second day

The second day of OFFF was great, but a little soggy. I have to say that didn't even bring me down! I did want to go shopping a little more since it was a little slow. It was so great to meet readers of the blog (hello lurkers!) and hear about projects that people were working on with yarn and fiber that I dyed. OFFF was also fabulous for meeting up with other vendors new and old. I'm really excited for Yvonne's spring show, crossing my fingers I get in!

I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of what I bought at OFFF! D'oh! For next time I guess! I am going to cast on for a sweater, using the wool/silk yarn I'm dyeing up now. I bought a pattern from White Lies Design, Colette I think.

Goodness I'm a little spacey on the picture part. Here's one of o at OFFF being held by Stevanie. I'm sad e didn't make it down, the first one he's missed. But so grateful that Oma's took such good care of him for the whole weekend!

Pretty cute, huh? What are you casting on? Are you starting anything you got at OFFF?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Have I told you how much I love this weekend? I do. And I still have one more day! So happy about the whole event and I just wanted to gush a little. It was great to meet so many people today that read here or Michele's blog and know my sweet kids and my husband. I'm excited for tomorrow, but a little sad that's its the last day! In the next year I would love to be doing this full time. And thanks to all of my customers who are helping to make that happen!

I hope I can take some pictures to bring back and share. If you're coming tomorrow please stop in and say hello!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

It's that time again! My favorite weekend of the year! Oregon Flock and Fiber starts on Saturday and goes through Sunday. I could seriously gush all day about this weekend. I always worry about building it up too much and will I be disappointed. But that hasn't happened yet and I don't really think it will ever happen! Okay, I'll stop and move on to what's going to be in my booth!

Just a taste of what I'm bringing! I have to twist all this up into skeins and label! Thank goodness the kids are asleep, I got work to do!

I'm bringing all the yarn and wool I have dyed up. A lot of it is going to be on sale. And I mean s-a-l-e! This is what I put in the ravelry group for OFFF:

a selection of the following yarns, some are chosen because they’re funky, or no longer carried or tired.
Shine (merino/tencel fingering) $15 (regularly 26)
Baaaboo (merino/bamboo/nylon fingering) $15 (26)
Sport Weight (falkland superwash) $10 (20)
Fingering Weight (merino superwash) $15 (24)
color coded (merino superwash/nylon) $5 (18)
These fibers are chosen because they’re tired.
BFL, Merino, Shetland, Corriedale, 4 oz braids $8 (14)
I also have a bunch of Merino Knots (1oz bits) that are a little to smooshed up $1 (regularly 3)

I’ll also have my 50G club available for pick up and sign up.

I was packing up all the yarn and fiber today...Wow! Almost everything I'm bringing is going to be marked down! So I hope you stop by and take some yarn and fiber home with you. I'm looking forward to going home with empty totes!

I know it's a little blurry but the boys are always on the move! They are also my excuse for not blogging! I can't believe how fast this month went. I went back to work and so did E. We also had a birthday party for E. It seems like there was a lot more going on. Oh, yeah. A lot of dyeing! Look for a lot of new yarn and colors in Twisted, Wool N Wares, Make 1, and Urban Fiber Arts! Wow that's some excitement. I'm hoping to get yarn to shops out side of Oregon in this next month.

So, if you're coming to OFFF this weekend please stop by and say Hello! I'll have o and I'm sure he'll give a grin if he's awake. e is going to Oma's house for the weekend, but will hopefully make an appearance. He's been every year so far!