Friday, November 30, 2012

Bazaar Bizarre!

Are you in the Bay Area? Stop by the Concourse and say hello!! I have so many gift ideas and kits for you to knit up.

I also sent out the December newsletter. Did you miss it? Here it is!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last Call!

All American closes today! Sign up for 4 shipments of American made yarn and four beautiful patterns! I hope you'll join us on this adventure!

Today is the last day to sign up for CSY and receive an extra skein. Sign ups are open through December 15, but the free extra skein ends today! I'm so excited about CSY: Fingering Edition. I'm especially excited to try out a few new to me yarns and see if they stick.

I had an extra logo sticker so I decided to put it on the garage door and claim the space! I can't wait to have a more productive work space. Join CSY and help make that happen. The shop takes gift cards so don't hesitate to ask Santa! ; )

Thursday, November 8, 2012

CSY: Why it's important

I got back a few days ago from California, and what a great time I had! I had so much fun hanging out with dear friends, and relaxing. I hardly even knit! I let myself just do nothing and be in the moment. Pretty great to have no worries for a few days!

Being back home I'm wanting to make changes. I want life to run a little more smoothly, I want systems for everything! Having Knitted Wit in our house, working outside of the house a few nights a week, Eric working full time in the mornings, and now Eli in school, our life is filling up fast. There is nothing in our schedule to get rid of so we need to be smarter about how we use our time.

Making Knitted Wit more efficient is where we want to focus. Moving all the dye work into one space, the garage, and adding water and a sink is the best way to do this. That's where you come in! Buy a share of the Community Supported Yarn: Fingering Edition and help us be more efficient and productive! You'll get six skeins of yarn over six months, all fingering weight yarn.

How does this differ from a club? There really isn't a major difference. You buy a membership, I send you yarn, that's all the same. The difference to me is the relationship we're building together. You get to know what your money is building and how it's making a difference. You get to be a part of Knitted Wit being more productive and efficient! That means more yarn and fiber available for you! That means more time with my family for me! This all sounds like a winning plan! Sign up for a membership, give one as a gift to your knitting friends!

Make sure to sign up for the newsletter in the upper right hand corner, someone will win a set of stitch markers from Starlight Knitting! There will be a small shop update tomorrow around noon.  Shine, a merino/blend, will be going up. I have limited numbers so shop early!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Community Supported Yarn: Fingering Edition

Are you ready for CSY: FE?! Did you miss out on the last CSY and are ready to join? You are all in luck!! With the weather changing and a new dye style, I've realized that Knitted Wit needs to be indoors to keep up with production. Crazy that dyeing on the back patio in 45 degree weather isn't fun, right? That's where Community Supported Yarn: Fingering Edition comes in. Buy a share or as many as you want and help Knitted Wit grow. The CSY:FE will help fund adding a water source to the garage. Right before Eli was born we finished the garage, it has nicer windows than our house! All it needs is a water source to be a terrific dye house. I'm hoping once it's up and running I can offer classes  and open dye times.

There's a few changes with this CSY. Like the title says, Fingering Edition, your share will only be fingering weight yarn. There will be six different yarns over six shipments, with the first one shipping out January 15th, 2013. Each share is just $150, with a value of $165. Purchase your shares before November 15th and you'll receive a bonus skein making the total value $179! Shares are available November 1st -December 15th. Perfect for the gift giving season!

Want more details about the yarn? I'm most excited about a super wash Corriedale/nylon blend. I've been wanting a new sock yarn that's more hearty and this just might be the ticket! You'll also be the first to try the new Bling. That's right friends, I'm going to try a sparkle yarn again! Two favorites will be back in the mix. Binary and Cashy Lite are CSY favorites, and mine too. They'll be back for this round. Two other new yarns: Merino/Tussah Silk blend and a Blue Face Leicester yarn that reminds me of a jumper yarn. It is soft and takes color so richly. Wow, I can't wait to get started!

If you're ready to join, hop over to the shop and sign up! Thank you for your continued support, I wouldn't be where I am with out you!