Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a fresh start

Today was the average day, run lots of errands...feel like nothings really getting done.  Then I just cut all my hair off.  Ahhh.  I feel great!  The big motivation was my hair falling out in huge clumps. I'm sure it will continue to come out (from nursing), but it won't seem as bad!  I know the pics a little silly, but it's exciting.  and yes I cut it myself.  It's a little wonky but in a week no one will ever notice!

Craft wise I'm still spinning the super wash, but I'm hoping to finish that tonight.  Then it's a ply party.  After that I need to get cranking on some small spin projects for the farmer's market. Just over a week away!!  

E was productive in the kitchen today.  I can't wait to taste them!  The berries and the plums are from our yard!  What really stinks is E can't eat them.  I'm one lucky lady.
The cookies I bakes off yesterday?  The best I've ever made.  I'm excited to take some of this to bounty of dessert to Concert in the Park tomorrow with my friend Betty.  Before e, we got into a lot of trouble together.  Now the trouble is a little more sober!  Hope you're enjoying summer!  


  1. We missed you tonight! We ended up just knitting at the house. I wore Josephine.

    Your hair looks cute. I'm getting mine cut tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to it. It's not falling out; it's just a mop.

    Thanks again for the plums (and you have more?!). I have jam for you! Enjoy your tarts; they look fab.

  2. I had such a fun time on this picnic...and I even recreated the quinoa dish succesfully! We are so going places :) I look foward to our next adventure with eli, besides you, he is my fav.