Monday, July 7, 2008

One Spinning Project Down!

After finishing that last project I've decided to not spin anything I hate.  My time is too limited to sit there thinking about how much I hate what I'm working on!  So when I went to the box to get out the oldest fiber to spin it went straight to the craigslist bag.  My goal this week is to list that. I might also be going through my stash to have a sale on yarn.  I feel guilty having so much that won't be made into something anytime soon.  We'll see.  

I didn't make any progress on the quilt, it's just here cluttering up the desk.  When I have a few free minutes I've decided to sew on it, instead of waiting for a chunk of time.  I do have one row put together, that just leaves 9? more to go.  Not bad.  They only take a few minutes to zip together.  

e is down for his big morning nap so I need to move on to spinning.  When he gets up we're headed out on a big adventure.  We'll be taking a few buses to Target and Fred Meyer's.  The trip is going to take so long that we'll be nursing at one of these stops.  You can look for us at the patio furniture!  It's the most comfortable.
We might get a few looks similar to this!

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