Monday, July 14, 2008

I feel like life has slowed down for me a little bit this last week and half.  E worked an extra day and I haven't had much extra time for me.  When I do get some time, like e taking a nap, I don't want to do much.  Just relax and not think!  I have been doing a few things.  Here are some label options for Knitted Wit.  I'm thinking the third one in is the winner.  I'll take them to knit night and get a few more opinions though.  
Then there's the spinning.  I'm trying to get a lot done to sell handspun at the Farmer's Market.  I'm also working at the Tour de Fleece.  So what's on the wheel now is optimized merino.  I believe that's when they take the fiber and stretch it out to make the fiber smooth.  It's very nice to spin.  I think I'm making lace weight just about.  I don't know what it will be like when I ply it.  I think it will be very nice for a shawl.  We'll see if this ends up for sale or not!
This is the hanspun I've gotten done while the tour de fleece has been going on.  I think at the end of all this I'll weigh what I've done to see if I've hit the 2 pound mark.
Here is some of the yarn I've dyed lately.  I'm waiting for the labels.  I suppose I could post this in the shop.  I'm a little apprehensive right now.  I haven't been selling much there lately.  I figure once August hits sales will pick up.  I'm also trying to have stock for the Market.
Here's a blurry picture of the handspun that's finished.  I forgot one skein, hence the bonus picture up top.
This is a prize I was fortunate enough to win from Deb.  I donated to the Crohn's Walk she participated in.  I'm so excited to spin this up.  It's a Merino/Bamboo mix dyed by Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio.  She dyes beautiful yarns and fiber.  I have some yarn that I just found recently in a garage clean up.  I want to find something special.  Possibly something small for e. I don't have a ton of the yarn!  Anyways, this fiber is my reward for all the spinning during Tour de Fleece.  I'm thinking of having a sale for those who have participated in the Tour de Fleece. Free shipping is what I'm thinking.  Yeah, that sounds fun.  I figure all this emptying of stash means I need to restock.  I assume other spinners will feel the same when they see their empty storage boxes!
Well, e is still napping.  I think I have twenty more minutes and I want to bust through the purple merino on the wheel.  I'll try to be back a little more regularly.  This place makes me feel some normalcy and that I'm accomplishing more than being a milk machine!


  1. The purple merino looks like it will be really pretty. See you at knit nite!

  2. Hi. I followed you from the Yarn Harlot. I can't find an email address for you either, but I wanted to say that I'm in the US too, and vaccination opinions vary widely from doctor to doctor.

    There is a ped out there who will support your vaccination position, and I hope you find him or her. Good luck to you.

  3. I saw your post at Yarn Harlot. Please email me privately for some links to support questioning vaccines.

    Your baby is beautiful and so is your yarn.

    You can follow my link on Steph's blog (Juliet in Grand Rapids).


    mothertincture at mac dot com