Friday, July 18, 2008

N is for Naughty

You might be able to tell by the pictures I took that I was in a bit of a hurry.  I don't want E to find out about this yet!  I stopped off at Northwest Wools on my way to see family and found some wool.  I wasn't planning on buying anything (famous last words, I know), but I discovered this morning that I wouldn't be able to buy this dyer's wool anymore.  Sandy is one of my favorite!  She is so sweet and does an amazing job with color.  I would love to dye roving like her.  I have a plastic tote that is devoted to her wool!  I stopped by the shop and they happened to have some of her stuff because she had left over from Black Sheep Gathering.  I went a little over board I know.  I bought three colorways in Superwash Corriedale and one colorway in BFL.  I just happened to buy two of each in the colorway.  I figured I enjoyed spinning the Superwash Corriedale so much this last time I should get more. I've been so tired of going through my fiber box and there's fiber I don't like.  I'm learning, and only buying what I do like!  I do need to clean out the bucket and have a stash sale of all the stuff I don't want to spin.  

Last note about Sandy.  If you visit my shop, the top picture is BFL she dyed that I spun and plied.  I'm still a little sad I sold it!

I'm meeting some knit friends at Twisted tonight for some e loving and chatting.  I hoping for some more label input.  As soon as I have a general consensus I'll show the results here.  

Tomorrow there is a German Festival!  I'm hoping to get some good Oma tchotchkes for Christmas.  I'll be back with the results.  My guess is I should probably go spin!


  1. See you in a bit! My February Lady is soooo pretty. But I've been ignoring her for a good part of the day, playing with a toe-up sock. Still not sold on this idea...

    The rovings are beautiful and I can't wait to see it spun up!

  2. I found your blog! Your yarn is soo beautiful, I forgot about it until now. e is beautiful too!