Sunday, February 15, 2009

taking a minute

I want to update here so I'm going to make a quick list of the new happenings

1) Knitted Wit is now available in Kodiak Alaska!  Can you believe it?  I'm so excited.  If you know of a yarn shop you think should carry Knitted Wit let me know.  How about if they sell my yarn, you get a nice thank you treat?!  I just made that up, very fun.
2) e is crawling.  
3) madrona rocked my world.  I kineared the Harlot but the pick didn't turn out super well.  I got a bunch of fiber to re-fill the stash.  I've been getting so much spinning done I needed a little more fuel.
4) I've been knitting a special project and haven't been working on much else.  I'm excepting that life is now one or the other, not everything all at once.
5) I really want to have a booth at madrona next year.  
6) I'm going to try and be a vendor at Black Sheep Gathering and SOAR (linkey might not work).  I really hope I get in.
7) I was informed today that I'm big time dyer because I'm dyeing for the Knit-Purl sock club.  That made the ego feel real good.
8) I'm looking forward to dyeing for Deb's newsletter.  Again, feeling pretty special getting to dye for a project.  She invited me to a little party where dyer's get to wear flowers.
9) I really need to charge the battery for the camera.  I can't remember when the last picture of e was taken.
10) wow, I think I took care of everything.  I like this list thing
11) oh yeah.  I went to a little spin meet up today.  I had e so I didn't spin, but I did bring my madrona fiber for show and tell.  I also got some knitting done when e napped.  

ta-ta for now

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