Sunday, February 7, 2010

Falling In Love

So I got a little sappy this week in the dye studio. If it was pink, red, purple or white you'll see it in the yarn.

Introducing: Amethyst, Princess, Be Mine, Bleeding Heart, Truly
I am in Love!!

There is a set of these at Twisted along with semi solid colors in Bling that are also V-Day related. I'm putting this set in the shop. (They are sold individually!) I also have a Rose City, Shades of Grey, and Ladies That Lunch that are in the shop. Pretty productive if I do say so my self! This week in the dye studio is a focus on blues and browns thanks to a friends inspiration. Look for some new color ways.

A new focus for me is making repeat colors that I can duplicate. From now on stores and you can order from however many color options I have. Any testers or ones that I just like will end up at shows with me like Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. The colors will be repeated in all the yarn/fiber choices I carry.

On to other exciting things: I'm going to have a table at the Aloha Grange Hall on February 20th! You can come pick out some new fiber to spin up and hang around and get started spinning. I think the even is from 10-4 and free I'm assuming. I can't wait! The night before e is spending the night at Oma's. (e helping me during my little photo shoot) A little practice for when Bubba gets here or is on his way. So, E and I will have Friday night to ourselves and I'll have Saturday morning to myself to get ready, then spin all day and hang out with other spinners. A little piece of heaven is in my future!

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  1. I love the new colors, especially Bleeding Heart and Amethyst. Lovely!