Sunday, March 21, 2010

Making Up For Lost Time

So taking two weeks off from dyeing kind of kills the time line. I decided to try and make up for the lost time this week. Not the best idea. In about two days time I dyed over 100 skeins of yarn. I still need to get back and empty the dye buckets and rinse them out. Today I'm home rinsing the yarn and wringing it out for drying. It's a little frustrating spreading the chore out over so many days, but I didn't want to waste the colors I had made up so I kept dyeing and figured I'd get to the rest later. I definitely have a better idea of my new changing limitations.

Another reason I wanted to keep dyeing was I had all the colors made up that I am using for my spring line. Last blog post I directed traffic to my flickr page so you could see the colors and Sally had a great idea. She wanted mini skeins of all the rainbow colors. Ask and you shall receive (eventually!). I dyed up a bunch of semi solid yarns this week and I'll start packaging them up. I'm calling them Roy G Biv and I think I'll do them in dark or light as options. I'm also thinking 25 gram skeins or 50 gram skeins. Here is the break down for pricing:

for Bling:
25g, appx 105 yards of each color, $46
50g, appx 210 yards of each color, $92

for super wash fingering:
25g, appx 100 yards of each color, $42
50g, appx 200 yards of each color, $84

here's a sneak peak at the Roy G Biv that's to come

So what do you think? Is this any interest to you? Any color work ideas pop into your head? I'm hoping the skeins will be dry and I can start re-skeining on Thursday. It might not be until next Sunday that they are available, but that gives you some time to figure out what to make!!