Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Colors

I hope you've had a chance to check out Among Friends! I can't tell you how proud I am do be doing this with Brooke and all the designers. We already have our second club planned out! Please let me know if you have any questions, we're uber flexible about all of it!

So what else have I been up to? Spring colors my friend! I've added Bobbin Blue (a bright spring blue), Grass is Greener (fresh pasture green), and Picante (spicy orange with a red wash). I'm keeping the eight colors I had from fall/winter. I'll reevaluate all these in the fall probably.

I love all the color combos you can make with all 11 colors!
I've also been busy getting a more thorough wholesale package together. I came up with a clever little way of showing off the colors in a sweet (heehee) way that went with my new branding. I ordered paper cut outs of candy and then cut millions (550) pieces of yarn. Now I'm busy wrapping happy colors around paper. Want to see Knitted Wit at your LYS? Let me know and I'll send them a package!
This picture was early this morning, I almost filled the bucket by this afternoon!

And there still more new colors!! I've been working on a few new variegated colors and I'm super happy with them. The bottom one with purple, pink, and gray needs to get altered a little. But the other 3 are tops in my book! These will be at Stitches (booth 1041) with me, but if you can't make it down let me know. They're for sale, I just haven't listed them.
From bottom to top: Ikat, Fancy Pants, Frosted Cedar, Clarity
And can you believe it? There's still more!! I did a quick club for WoolGirl, Blood Mary. Below is all that came in the package minus the pattern and the bloody mary mix! If you ever want to treat yourself I suggest you get a kit from Jen. She is amazing. The way everything comes packaged is incredible. You feel like you're getting a present from your best friend!
I really love the design, a beautiful cable pattern. Now to carve out a little time to knit!

Whew! That's mostly a catch up. This week is bringing me 85 pounds of yarn, 25 isn't being dyed until after Stitches. So there's that. But I'm prepared with a focused list and I know I can get it done!

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