Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catch Up!

Wow, time is a humming bird! I can't believe how long it's been since I stopped by! It feels like there's lots of balls in the air and they're all keeping me distracted. Here's the run down on the family side: e turned 4! Can you believe it?! We're doing up a big party this weekend for both boys since they're birthdays are 3 weeks a part. My little o is a trooper and tolerated getting his foot numbed up so the doctor could find what ever was buried in it. Nothing a little antibiotic doesn't help, right? And to round up the family catch up, E crashed his bike almost two weeks ago on his way home from work. While nothing is broken, he is still in quite a bit of pain. He took a corner too sharp and his tires slipped out on the loose gravel. Nothing like living out a Tour de France wipe out. So he's walking with a limp and can't lift much with his right arm. Pretty awesome. And me. I have a part time job, two nights a week and Saturday day. You can find me at Twisted! I've been there a few weeks and just love it. The perfect amount of time out the house, a great work environment, and working with all my favorite things: yarn, fiber, patterns, needles, spinning wheels, looms, people!!!!! Wow, it's been busy!

Now, lets run down the fun for Knitted Wit! I have a plane ticket to Columbus Ohio and a booth at TNNA! I am so excited to participate in the wholesale trade show. I have a new line of yarn, more colors and a few projects to debut at the show! As soon as a few of the colors are ready I'll be sure to put some pictures up. Actually, if you 'like' Knitted Wit on facebook you can preview some of the colors on the drying rack. What else is going on....Oh! There's going to be a fiber sale coming up, just need to take the pictures and load them in to the shop. You can stock up for Tour de Fleece! I'm also going to add a Featured section in the shop. Each week I'll pick a sample and show it off on the blog. I'll get the yarn and pattern picked out and load it in to Featured. Buy the yarn and pattern is included for free! I have some amazing sample knitters that have made so many beautiful things! I can't wait to share!!

I think that just about covers all the fun. I need to get back to some birthday crafts for the boys! We're going for a Bearenstain Bears theme, I'm just a little excited! I'll be back soon with the first Featured yarn and pattern! Thanks for checking in!

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