Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Things First

I've been meaning to type something here for almost a year.  I compose a lot of blogs in my head but never seem to type them out.  Well, that's a changing now!  I'm starting this blog because my knitting mojo has found me again.  I'd like to have a place to document, journal if you will, progress on different projects.  I would also like to use this space for journaling my dyeing adventures.  Well, there is also the impending journey into parenthood too.  

The baby is coming towards the end of April, and yes a lot of the knitted items are for him.  But a lot of the knitting is stuff I've never tried before.  I'm branching out.  I cast of for a Dale project that has stranded color work.  I've never done this before and I'm a little nervous.  For some reason I don't feel intimidated enough to not do the project.  I did just finish a hat, minus the seaming, from a pattern in a  Sublime book.  I'll figure out how to put pics on here soon.  Anyways, making the hat, following the pattern, having the hat match photos, all confidence building.  

Well, a phone call just interrupted my blogging mojo.  I'm off to finish plying some yarn and think of a few new color ways.

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