Friday, February 22, 2008

Free from Time Out

Well I botched the quilt top big time and I wasn't ready to craft for a while.  Through in a few hormones for the third trimester and life was difficult!  The major error was using a 1/2" seam instead of a 1/4" seam.  DUH!!  So, after a little time out I took apart all my rows.  Now I need to steam iron the heck out of the squares.  Then cut down all the 5" squares to 4 1/2".  I'm learning patience.  Growing patience is my new mantra.  

I also made progress on a baby sweater that I've been working on for a few years.  A little embarrassing.  But I have the front and back down, throw on a few sleeves and seam the bitch up!  I did break my February finish up rule and start a sweater last night.  I'm using some handspun that I made this summer.  So yummy.  In my defense, I'm back to riding the bus and I need a project that's pretty mindless.  I do have a bunch of sleeves to make, but I'm hoping with a movie and a weekend I can crank those out.  I'm feeling optimistic about all this craftyness.  

Another project that is making it's way to the end is a bag from Lantern Moon.  This bag here actually!  I through it in the washer last night after much fear and I'm happy to report the bag survived!  I just have a photo of the before.  I'll get a photo with the handles and all finished up in the next few days.  Drying is going remarkably fast.  So the big dilemma with the bag was using the wrong yarn.  I used a sportweight 55% mohair 45% merino for the bottom and a merino worsted for the top.  The bag looks a little smaller than the picture, but the stripe thing is amazing.  I couldn't even have planned that!  And I was really worried about the mohair just being fuzzy.  Instead it's nice and nubby.  Texture is really fun.

Why do photos take so long to upload in blogger?  grrr.  Well forget the picture, use your imagination.  I'll put before and after photos next time.  Well, I'm off to steam or knit something.  I'd love to start some baby socks, I bought a pattern from knitspot that I'm dying to start.

Enjoy the weekend!

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