Monday, September 8, 2008

shhh, he's sleeping

Sorry it's been so quite around here.  I've been a little busy with a teething baby.  We're still at two teeth but his gums are really soft.  We've been slowly figuring out his night schedule.  Nothing like taking a moment to listen to your child.  I felt like such a dumb-dumb.  In the midst of all this I go to work the next two fridays.  Kind of dipping my toes in the water.  I've been a little nervous but E and e are going to do great.  And they can always come visit me if they need to!  I love the flexible job! 

Speaking of work.  I worked my little tush off yesterday!  I dyed about 25 pounds of wool.  That is a personal record.  I had two rounds of babysitters and e did great for everybody.  Mild fussiness with poor napping, but still happy all around.  I think the fiber and yarn turned out pretty good too.  I'm hoping for one more major dye day when I get my shipment of wool.  Cross your fingers it gets here in time.  I'm a little nervous it's going to get here to late for OFFF, but at least I'll have stuff here to dye either way.  I'm sure I have enough to make the booth look nice, but I want to have a big enough selection for everybody. 

We continued to paint the display pieces, I love how the colors turned out.  E has also been airbrushing the bags and they look fantastic.  Not too homemade, but still stylish and funky! I'm so excited to put the whole booth together.
Helen made this little jumper and it is so sweet!  We had a very hard time getting a picture of e with out him wiggling so much!  I think he's looking at the dog.  He giggles when ever he sees Jake, it's pretty cute!  He's taking a nap now and I think I only have a few more minutes before he awakes and the grandmas arrive!  More pics to come of all the dyed wool!

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  1. He's cuter every day! At some point, he's going to hit critical mass on the cute scale, and then what will ya do?

    See you on Wednesday?