Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Weekend!

Wow!  I'm glad to be home with e taking a nap!  We've been busy.  Early Saturday morning a friend arrived at the house from the airport with her mom.  They crashed out for a while after taking the red eye to pdx.  e decided to crash out too, not fair being the only one awake!  After everybody was fed we headed over to Green Sprouts Organic Baby Festival.  I had a great time checking out all the latest and greatest gadgets for raising a green baby.  I was able to find a diaper I want to invest in for using.  I've done a lot of research and this seams to have all the components I'm looking for, but we still need to test drive them.  Not to mention that some grandma's were at the festival!  What a great day.  Beautiful weather to make the whole thing perfect.  

Then this morning we sang happy birthday to E and got ready to go to the knit/crochet show here in town.  This was a little painful on the pocket book, but really relaxing.  I'm contemplating having a booth there next year so this was a little research and development excursion.  (I can justify just about any yarn purchase!)  I did find some treasures and ran into some nice people and bloggers.  Everybody is so sweet to e, it takes some pressure off the entertaining part for me!  Northwest Wool was there and I was able to score some more of Sandy's fibers and she told me she would have the last scraps out in the store on wednesday, but you can't go an buy it before me!  I get first dibs!  

I also happened to fall in to the sock club that I'm dyeing for.  It seems a little silly to buy into it but I'm really excited to own my color way and to see it all packaged together!  I'm really proud to be participating.  The first month was dyed by Koigu, and you can't go wrong with them.  

In the side of the photo (there's no photo because they refused to load.  Sorry!) are some braids that I bought from Yummy Yarn.  I can't wait to spin these up!  I'm planning on getting one more (maybe two) bobbins from WooLee Winders and a lazy kate at OFFF.  I think that will make plying more managable.  Gosh I'm excited about the next two weeks!  I'm a little anxious about the weather.  It's been absolutely amazing and I hope it lasts through OFFF.  

I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable, why don't you tell me about it?!

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  1. Just got home from Black Butte this evening. Knit & Crochet Show sounds like it was great fun; sorry I missed it! But it was fun to be away. Will reply to your email soon; playing catch up here.