Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So there are a lot of new things going on in my world. I have new yarns debuting at Sock Summit. The new sock yarns include: super wash merino, Shine (merino/tencel), Baaaboo (merino/bamboo/nylon), and last but not least a Falkland super wash sport weight yarn. I know some knitters prefer sport over fingering!

I submitted two of my new color ways for Dye For Glory, a contest hosted by Ravelry for Sock Summit vendors. Peacock, super wash merino. Next up, Peacock using Shine as yarn base.

And just to wet the appetite for new color ways to be revealed at sock summit
One of those yarns is going to be in a swag bag for Deb's Pre Sock Summit Lunch. I can't wait!

So what else is new in life? E has a new shift at work. All breakfast shifts. I haven't had help in the morning with e for what feels like a month. I'm a little over it. But we get more time with E this way so that's a great trade off. I have my lap top back, yay! It makes it a lot easier to squeeze in some blogging (like this right now!). The other super almost new thing is a baby. My sister in law is in labor right now! I can't sleep, I'm so excited and wondering how everything is going. I'll keep you posted and hopefully will have a picture to show.


  1. I love your yarns. I am here via the Knitting Siamese blog. I gave my "Saturday Market" yarn to my daughter because she loved it so much and she was under a lot of pressure to pass the NY Bar Exam. Please tell me when it will be available for general consumption. I really want to knit with it! Prayers for a safe delivery for your sister.

  2. And I am ever so lucky to have been one of those lunch attendees getting a whole skein of your yarn! But even more lucky because I got to meet you!