Sunday, August 2, 2009

where does the time go?!

So my sister in law had a beautiful baby boy. She did an amazing job and is continuing to do one now as a mama. It's been almost two weeks!

I guess the world might not know, but we've been having a HEAT wave here in Portland. Day nine of above 90 degree weather. There were several above 100. On one of those days the family headed up to Trillium Lake on Mount Hood. Gorgeous. It was a magical little lake. No motor boats are allowed so it was very quiet that way. There weren't a ton of people so there was space for everybody. Swimming in a warm lake looking at Mount Hood was incredible. Sadly I don't have pictures loaded on flickr yet so just try to imagine until I get them up! I have decided that one weekend a year all the Kelley's are going camping up there. It was so close and easy to get to. There is also a foot path all the way around. It just seems like the perfect place to make some great family memories. Especially now that there is a cousin!

So the big thing around here lately is Sock Summit of course. I've been dyeing my fingers to the bone and reskeining. I have one more day left, tomorrow, to get everything ready. Then I work tuesday plus get a hair cut (it's been a year and a half since I had a real one)! On Wednesday we'll pick up the Uhaul, pack up, head to Deb's pre sock summit lunch, then to the convention center!!! Then Thursday the market opens and the real fun begins. I'm so excited to meet everybody in person. Stalking ravelry lately has been great but real live people will be fun. In the middle of all this fun e might go to Oma and Grandmama's house for a sleep over. It would be the first night e's away from us. I'm nervous, can you tell? Anyways the non stop fun of Sock Summit is coming up. Stop by and say hi if you attend. I'll try to take lots of pictures and tell you all about it next week!

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  1. We used to x-c ski around Trillium Lake, many years ago (20? yikes). It's a beautiful spot.

    Don't forget a name tag so people know who you are. See you Wednesday at lunch!