Monday, October 19, 2009


So it's been forever since my last post and I have a lot of excuses

*I got my new spinning wheel! I had a lot of fun breaking it in. I have three bobbins that need to get plied. And a huge pile that still needs to get spun up

*I'm pregnant. !! A bit of a surprise. I'm not very far along, 8 weeks, and feeling quite queasy. So next summer life will be quite busy.
*My car broke down over a weekend, easy fix. Phew!
*My yarn can now be found at WoolGirl I had so much fun hanging out with Jennifer when she picked out the yarn.
*I now work four days a week. Adding that extra day really takes a lot out of my free time!
*I've been busy behind the scenes making this for a dear friend. Now that it's over I have a little extra time in the evening. Hopefully I'll be showing up here more! Sorry I don't have a finished picture, it's still on the camera!

I'll try not to go so long between posts, but there are no guarantees!


  1. You have been very busy and are going to be even busier! It's so much fun hanging out with you. Thanks for all your work on the blankie!

  2. With that combination of things it's no wonder you can't find time for blogging! Congratulations :-)

  3. Congratulations!!! Yay!! And how fun that you'll be at WG now, too!!! :) :)