Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OFFF and the great catch up

So the week leading up to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival was busy. I found out Friday before that I would be receiving a box of Bling to dye up on the following Wednesday. Had to be dried and labeled by Friday. Add to the chaos finding the most perfect Knitted Wit mobile. But I just realized this is old news. On to OFFF.

The weather was amazing both days. Such a great way to wrap up fall. Both days had a great pace with customers and friends. I was able to get in all the shopping I needed! Business wise it felt like I was established. I don't feel like I have the words to describe the event. I think a lot of people felt this way about Sock Summit. The only sad news is that my spinning wheel isn't here yet. However this is really for the best. I have a lot to do in the next week, which hopefully is all I have to wait. I bought a ton of wool plus the stash I already own, I need to spin!

I did purchase a spindle at the urging of Michele, which really wasn't much urging! But there is no way I'll be busting through stash on it. But it is a nice calming moment to pick it up and spin a little.

I bought a little fleece, just a 1/3 or a merino sheep. I bought it from a lady in the barn, she shears. It was a little over cooked on the sheep but is washing out just fine. I'm taking pictures of the whole process to show you next time. It's pretty amazing how much gunk washes out! The fleece was a small investment and seemed like a reasonable challenge to tackle. I'm really excited to break out the drum carder and put it to use!

I don't want to put a million pictures up so I'll let you look at the rest of the set. You'll see the stories! If you attended the event I hope you had as much fun as I did. I'll see you next year OFFF!


  1. Next time? Next time? You're already planning your next fleece? You've got it baaaaaad.

    Happy to enable you, spindle-wise!

  2. You're washing merino, I'm washing alpaca - suri currently. Still have the whole blanket of huacaya to get cleaned. It's feeling yummy! Hope yours is too!

  3. i am going to make it next year!