Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Quick Run Down

I promise to sit still here next time! There's even a contest coming up, so all you lurkers get your de-lurking shoes on!!

I finally was able to make the roy g biv sets out of semi solid fingering yarn. I wasn't able to do it with Bling yet, I need to dye up some more stock before then. Anyways, I had a hard time photographing with my light box (I tried Shannon, I really did to correct them all!) I should have just gone out side in the somewhat sunshine we had today. Anyways, here are some photos so you get the idea.

this picture has all three color sets stacked. It's a little hard to see the three distinct sets, but here's some individual shots.

I love this set! rich magenta pumpkin orange saffron yellow green blue some what turquoise and plum
This is the light pink orange yellow green blue turquoise lavender. Think pastel colors here.

these are primary colors, red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. I want to do a darker indigo for next time.

Each set is available in 25 grams of each color or 50 grams of each color. I have limited quantities for now, but can recreate these colors easily. If you want to do a set and then add a full 100 gram skein of a solid color let me know. I'm not putting the in my etsy shop quite yet, I thought I'd give you readers a chance first. Let me know in the comments if you'd like one or email me. I'm going to copy all the nitty gritty details from last post and plug them in
super wash fingering:
25g, appx 100 yards of each color, $42
50g, appx 200 yards of each color, $84


  1. That orange is just jumping off the screen! ;-) Very spring-like, bright and cheerful!

  2. I just got my yarn in the mail and it is amazing!! I'm trying to resist the urge to buy the other set that I wanted... must hold off until next week... :)

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