Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm alive (and pretty well)

I didn't mean for so much time to go by. Last week we were hit with yet another bug. Easter night we ended up in the ER for a high fever and tummy pain. Turned out to be an ear infection and most likely constipation. All easy to fix. Poor little e was out of sorts for days until the fever got bad enough we went in. He did none of the telling signs of an ear infection so it didn't even occur to us. Of course he's also cut a second molar. I'm hoping and praying the two that are left will get here before baby does. A teething e does not make a happy family. I am happy to say that his sleeping is improving at night and for two nights in a row I've gotten six hours of sleep. Pretty amazing!

But this is supposed to be a knitting blog or at least about Knitted Wit. Right now there isn't much to tell. There is a lot of behind the scenes business stuff going on. A few contributions to clubs in the works, very exciting. I'm also trying to develop a bunch of colors to send to TNNA in June. Pico Accuardi Dyeworks are going and have been generous enough to take along a small selection of Knitted Wit. I'm setting my expectations low (I think), I'm hoping for five new shops to order from Knitted Wit. That would be a dream. I'm a little nervous, I'll just have had a baby when the show is going on so orders won't be shipping right away, but I think people will be understanding.

Another little project is adding some new yarns! A lace weight that is 80% merino with 20% silk! The other yarn is a worsted weight single of 50% merino and 50% silk. Ohhh la la! I'm hoping to get them this week but most likely won't dye them up until next week.

A side note for future thought: I think I might like a few samples knit up but I know I won't have the time to get to it all. If anybody is interested in knitting a sample for me to have in my booth let me know. I'm not sure what standard compensation is but if you knit a sock (I really only need one, not a pair) you get a skein of sock yarn. Does that seem fair? Let me know what you think

In the next post there is going to be a contest (and pictures to liven things up!) because it's my 100th blog post!! I think I'm going to give away a set of 25g Roy G Biv, you pick the color you want. I love these little sets a lot and can't wait to see what they create. So all you lurkers come out for the next post and try to win some yarn!

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