Monday, September 27, 2010

OFFF, the second day

The second day of OFFF was great, but a little soggy. I have to say that didn't even bring me down! I did want to go shopping a little more since it was a little slow. It was so great to meet readers of the blog (hello lurkers!) and hear about projects that people were working on with yarn and fiber that I dyed. OFFF was also fabulous for meeting up with other vendors new and old. I'm really excited for Yvonne's spring show, crossing my fingers I get in!

I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of what I bought at OFFF! D'oh! For next time I guess! I am going to cast on for a sweater, using the wool/silk yarn I'm dyeing up now. I bought a pattern from White Lies Design, Colette I think.

Goodness I'm a little spacey on the picture part. Here's one of o at OFFF being held by Stevanie. I'm sad e didn't make it down, the first one he's missed. But so grateful that Oma's took such good care of him for the whole weekend!

Pretty cute, huh? What are you casting on? Are you starting anything you got at OFFF?

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  1. Casting on? Nah. I wore my lovely StitchJones Constellation beaded yarn around my neck like a necklace. Who needs to knit?

    I'm trying to finish this BSJ so I can send it back to the east coast for its trip to Rhinebeck. I didn't knit on it at OFFF, but I did bring it there. That should give it good vibes!

    Looking forward to your yarn for our little project. Yes, I'm thinking about Sock Summit already!