Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hard Work

There's been a lot of hard work going on around here! Today I went up to Oma's house to retrieve e and did some work. I split a bunch of wood for fires for Oma and Aur Oma (great grandma). Then broke up a bunch of sticks for kindling. Then headed to Aur Oma's to clean cobwebs off the wall. Nothing like stretching with an awkward stick way up in the air after wielding an axe at wood! My arms are tired! And I carry around heavy kids!! Sadly I didn't bring a camera and missed the snow falling while I chopped woods in the forest of Mount Hood. It really doesn't get more romantic than that.

More hard work: paper work. I've been filling out a lot of papers lately. Did I tell you I'm unemployed? (I think I should start reading my own blog! Or post more.) Yeah, a lot of paper work. Also along those lines is a reinvention of Knitted Wit I want a new online store that's easier for me to stock and for you to shop. I also want to add more yarns and products. I've been kicking around an idea but I don't have enough details worked out yet. I'll get back to you. If you took a survey a few weeks ago, a big thank you. It was really helpful and it's sorting out some questions.

I've also been finishing up a lot of works in progress (WIP). I feel like it's a good fit for everything else that is happening in my life. I finished up the February 50G club,
(yummy chocolates also went out with the yarn! Alma Chocolates are truly the best!)
a shawl,
(I think it's funny how the coffee cup kozy and the shawl are the same colors!)
and a bobbin from the wheel. I'm super close to finishing another bobbin, about 20 minutes tomorrow ought to do it. I need one more mitten and I'll have a set knit of the Red Light Green Light GO!

Two rows a way from casting off a hat from my hand spun. I've even made a little progress on a sweater for me. I had planned on starting a special spinning project

this weekend since I didn't go to Stitches West or Madrona. I was already to have a big pity party but I was kind of happy to be home and finishing up a lot of loose ends. Also, the kids are healthy (knock on wood). It's been a month I think of cooties. Knock on a tree please!

The kids are asleep so I'm itching to get back to WIP's! Scratch the asleep part. o can now fall out of bed.

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