Monday, February 28, 2011

Community Support Yarn/Fiber

The big reveal! First, check out THIS out! It has all the details on how you can join my Community Supported Yarn and Fiber. I feel a little silly not typing up anything here when all the info is in my pretty pdf that I spent a while making!

In case you didn't want to make the jump and ready my pretty info sheet, here are the details. I'm starting a Community Supported Yarn and Fiber to help Knitted Wit grow. Shares are $100 (shipping $15) for a harvest of 5 skeins of 100 grams each or 5 bumps of fiber of 100 grams each. I want to offer a lot of new fiber and yarn, there are so many options out there. By running a CSY/F, Knitted Wit is able to invest in new pretties to share with you. Think fair trade, sustainable, family owned farms, luxury. Maybe not all in one skein or bump! But the new line is going to be fantastic. There is no limit to how many shares you can buy, and they can be gifted!

The harvest begins to ship in May and will follow every month through September. Packages ship on the 15th. If you're local we can arrange a pick up! Discount codes will not be accepted. Questions? Let me know.

You might have noticed when clicking on Knitted Wit you are taken to a new shop. I'm slowly moving over to Storenvy, which is similar to Etsy. All transactions are run through paypal, it's very safe to shop! The main reason Knitted Wit is relocating is the bottom line. There are no listing fees and no fees for selling! I also like the set up. It will be easier for me to list products and keep it organized. Which brings me to the next item on the agenda. I'm going to list all the products I dye up. Often the items will be ready to ship. If it's not in stock I'll dye it up lickety split and get it in to the mail. I will notify you if there is any delay. All coupon codes that you have work on either etsy or storenvy.

As you can see Knitted Wit is putting on her big girl pants and getting to work! I hope you are able to join the CSY/F and the adventure.


  1. I'm in! Can't wait to see the lovely yarn!

  2. Putting on her big girl pants! I love it. It is a marvelous idea LJ, best of luck with it!

  3. I would love to buy in(I can't until the end of the month, I don't know how long you will be open for this) but everytime I try to go to the shop to check it out, it loads then turns completly white. ???

  4. If you're trying to check out on Storenvy, I know they were having a problem with some things in Internet Explorer loading, and several other stores were having similar problems. Have you tried again, Ashley?

    Yayyyyyyy LJ!