Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Help for a Friend

Beth prepping for a song she sang to Tate at their wedding. I cried like a baby.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen a few tweets about my dear friend Beth. In the last month she has gone from living a healthy happy life to catatonic. Read this article for an idea of what she is battling. Amazing news to report, she woke up for a bit and tried to communicate this afternoon! This is the most there's been for the past two weeks. We're hoping that this is the beginning of all good things to come. So here's where you come in. Beth is a part of a band Idyltime. You can donate $15 or more and I'll ship you their cd. The band wrote 9 of the 14 songs, a great bluegrass mix. I think you can listen to a few songs on the website even. Anything you can do is appreciated by her family. And what a family. It's been amazing to see a family in such a crisis be so loving and caring for one another.
I love this picture! Betty is having a giggle and Beth is just stunning. Me and Eric in the middle of course.

I'm going to stop here before I cry my eyes out, again. I'll keep you posted as she hopefully continues to improve. Thank you so much for caring about my friend. I've been over crafting around here and I realized that I'm trying to craft Beth back to health. Maybe I'll knit this scarf for Beth, she'd like that. Oooh, here's a cross stitch sampler! I never made a house warming present, this would really help. Or maybe I'll weave. That really helps calm my nerves, I should weave. Yeah, crafting for health. What gets you through trauma? A favorite craft? I'm going to keep trucking on my sweater sleeve and keep Beth healthy!

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  1. I knit through both of DH's surgeries; it kept me sane even though the first time I was way off gauge! I ripped that sucker out and re-did it for surgery 2, and it's all good now.