Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Feet!

Hi! How are you? I feel like life is slowing in some ways but busier in others. It's nice to pop in here and take a breath! I wanted to let you know I'm taking down the Ballerina Kits and putting up Feather Weight for sale on it's own. So many great things to knit with this yarn! A nice light weight yarn to knit a quick summer project!

But have no fear! I have a really fun new kit! Happy Feet is for any of you ladies out there that need a little love for your toes!
A skein of sport weight super wash Falkland, Zig Zag Pedi Socks pattern from PDXKnitterati, and a zoya (only click on this link if you are very strong and not distracted by pretty shiny color) nail polish in a complementary color! 

There might even be enough time to knit the socks and get them ready for Mom's day.
I have limited quantities on kits including nail polish. Once they're gone I'll put up yarn and pattern kits.
Let me know if you need an extra skein, a pair of socks for you and for a mom you know!
 I super want this one for me!! I love the color and the orange goes so perfectly!
 Also, make a great gift. I'm happy to ship to some one special! Snap up a kit and get ready for summer!


  1. I love this! so hard to choose...the fourth on down is nice too! i might have to just close my eyes and point :o)

  2. And you can knit pedi socks or regular socks; there's plenty of yarn for either version!