Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Are your needles ready? Mine are all warmed up and read to cast on Fiar! I hope you'll be joining me! I went with this color combination and I am uber excited about the glowing Haute Pink. 
The yarn is all wound up, and in my giant boxy bag from A Needle Runs Through It. I've found that I really like the giant bags for growing projects, a lot less wrinkly! Oooh! Another thing I love, my Notability app on the ipad. I open all my pdf's in the app and I can write all over them and make notes. I'll be assigning codes to each color so I don't have to think about remembering what order I'm knitting the colors in. 

What are a few of your tips and tricks to staying neat and tidy with your knitting? Do you prefer your patterns printed out and in a plastic sleeve? I could use every tip and trick you have!

Ready, set, cast on! Happy Spring and happy KAL!!!


  1. I'm using Notability, on your recommendation. I love being able to write on my patterns this way!

    I keep all my pdfs on my phone and iPad, but I think Notability is just for iPad...

  2. That is the same set I got too. Is that the order you'll be knitting them A-E, left to right? I am having a hard time deciding.

  3. I just print out my patterns, and then write notes on them with one of those pencil thingies. Your Notability app sounds way cool, but I don't have a tablet. Besides, I just like paper. I work all day on the PC, I get tired of looking at screens.

    Your colors are great! Can't wait to see it. :) I have baby things (for the first grandbaby of a friend) for show and tell. Sooo cute!!!